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    Just made a donation to Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition

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    Just made a donation to Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition

  • commented on COMMENTARY: Will Crashes Spark Tactical Suburbanism? 2016-08-23 13:03:05 -0400
    Richard – excellent post! The recent crashes have stirred conversation on many of the ride group forums such as Crack o Dawn. Now to get them to join MassBike & BCU in addition to all the effort they put into raising money for cancer, etc.
  • commented on Two Crashes Draw Increased Attention to Suburban Bike Accommodations 2016-08-22 15:51:57 -0400
    Part of the problem is the lack of charges against negligent drivers. This is a failure of the District Attorneys to either file charges or obtain grand jury indictments. The truck driver that killed a cyclist in Wellesley a few years ago was not indicted due to a failure of the DA to get the jury to indict despite the clear negligence of the driver. Likewise, Suffolk County DA Conley has failed to indict the truck driver that killed Anita Kurman over one year ago. The bicycling community needs to make this an issue in the DA re-election campaigns.
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