August recap - a note from Executive Director Richard Fries

Many folks refer to August as the “Dog Days of Summer.” We hope you had time to turn some miles, perhaps visit some new places, and be with your family and friends. For MassBike, August proved to be an extremely busy month.

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Legendary South Shore Cyclist Critically Injured

KINGSTON, Mass. - Grief struck the South Shore cycling community Saturday when news spread that Bill Sykes, 65, one of the most influential people in New England cycling, had been critically injured after a collision with a car.

The crash reportedly occurred Saturday in Kingston while Sykes enjoyed a training ride with longtime friend and former Irish pro Paul McCormack.

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More Questions than Answers in Death of Nancy Ann Bronder

The HopNews posted an obituary for Nancy Ann Bronder, who died on Aug. 7 as a result of injuries sustained in a bicycle collision with an automobile.
The crash occurred just before 6 p.m. on July 19 on Ash Street in Hopkinton, MA. Emergency services responded to multiple reports of a cyclist unconscious in the roadway.
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July Recap - a note from Executive Director Richard Fries

For many, the month of July means vacation. For MassBike, however, summertime is a busy season where we press forward with our work to improve conditions for bicyclists in order to help make you feel like you belong on the roads of the Bay State. The work contained in this monthly update is made possible through the support of our members and donors. We encourage you to get involved and support MassBike through a donation or as a volunteer.

Sadly, we ended the month learning about a motorist striking and killing bicyclist Dan Pimenta. An experienced rider who raised thousands of dollars to find a cure for multiple sclerosis, Pimenta was struck and killed while riding along Hale Street in Beverly. A veteran Peabody firefighter, the loss is hard to fathom for friends, family and members of the North Shore cycling community. Dan Pimenta was the sixth bicycle rider killed on Massachusetts roads this year. While statistically cycling is safer than ever, we work for a day when there are zero traffic fatalities.

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June Recap - a note from Executive Director Richard Fries

June was a busy one here at MassBike. After the excitement and events of bike month in May, June was all hands on deck to get back at it working to improve your ride experience across the state.

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MassBike Helps Enlighten Cape Cod Workers


One cannot help but notice them. These young adults ride in small packs, often on a variety of inexpensive bikes, all about Cape Cod. Like a flock of birds, they arrive on cue in early June.

They are seasonal workers, mostly from Eastern Europe and Africa, who keep the tourist economy going. On Cape Cod there are 4,000 of them from 59 different countries and the majority of them ride bikes for transportation.

And MassBike, working with MassDOT’s MassRides team, is working to keep them safe.

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Omnibus Bill Hearing

Massachusetts lawmakers heard testimony Tuesday on many bike and pedestrian related bills including the omnibus bill An Act to reduce traffic fatalities (S1905/H2877). Advocates from across the state testified on behalf of the bill emphasizing its greater intentions to serve all that are on our roadways, beyond just bikes.

The legislation sponsored by Rep. David Rogers, of Cambridge, Rep. Jonathan Hecht, of Watertown, and Belmont Sen. William Brownsberger, includes a range of approaches to reducing road deaths, such as a local option for authorizing traffic enforcement cameras, a hands-free requirement for using mobile devices, and improving reporting protocol for crashes that involves people on foot or on bikes.

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An Act to reduce traffic fatalities hearing June 13

A hearing has been scheduled for our omnibus bike safety bill, An Act to reduce traffic fatalities (S.1905/H.2877). The Joint Committee on Transportation will hear testimony next week in support of and against various bills at the Massachusetts State House.

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We're hiring!

We're hiring here at MassBike for a part time Administrative Coordinator position! Please see the job description for more details. To apply please email a resume and cover letter to

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MassDOT Registry of Motor Vehicles Adds New Bicycle Safety Advice to Massachusetts Driver’s Manual

New language aims to reduce “dooring” incidents and other bicycle-automobile collisions

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has announced that the MassDOT Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) added several new key guidelines to the Massachusetts Driver’s Manual (Driver’s Manual) this year as part of an ongoing effort to promote road safety by educating bicyclists and motorists to be aware of their actions as they travel.

Today, MassDOT also produced a video educating drivers how to safely exit a vehicle to prevent bicyclist injury. To view this video, click here.

The updated RMV Driver’s Manual includes a section outlining the benefits of the “Dutch Reach” method for drivers as they open the doors of automobiles that are parallel-parked and will include new content regarding the use of separated bicycle lanes and “bicycle boxes,” which have become more prevalent in Massachusetts.

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