MassBike's Annual Meeting - Join Us December 19th!

The board and staff of MassBike cordially invite you to our Annual Meeting on Monday, December 19th, 2011, from 6:30-9:00pm, at Coogan’s, 171 Milk Street, Boston. (MassBike’s office is located in the same building.)

Starting at 6:30, the MassBike Board of Directors will hold a brief business meeting. The Annual Meeting itself will begin at 7:30. Executive Director David Watson and Program Manager Price Armstrong will report on MassBike’s 2011 accomplishments and preview our 2012 plans, followed by Q&A. We’ll conclude the evening with a relaxed socializing time for people to get to know their fellow bike advocates. Come meet the people making things happen for bicyclists in Massachusetts!

The event is free and open to the public, but donations are welcome. Not a member yet? Join at the event and save $5! You can RSVP to so we can tell Coogan’s how many people to expect, but you can just show up too!

Light appetizers will be provided, and we will have drink and/or meal specials for those who want dinner.

Save Biking, Donate To MassBike!

This has been a watershed year for biking in the Bay State, and for MassBike. We are seeing record numbers of people on bikes, more media coverage than ever before, and bike projects and programs popping up all over the state. This year the state made real progress living up to its sustainable transportation policies, Boston launched the wildly successful Hubway bikeshare system, and public health organizations started funding projects to help communities become more bicycle-friendly. MassBike was a strong partner in all of this.

But with all this progress, too many projects still fail to take bicycles into account, many bicyclists and motorists still do not know how to interact safely, and bicycle projects and programs are too often the victim of dwindling budgets. Donate today to ensure that bicycling is a priority in Massachusetts.

Now, the most serious threat we face may be coming from Congress. House leaders have vowed to eliminate funding for biking and walking, including the popular Safe Routes to School program that helps get more kids biking and walking daily. Meanwhile, the Senate wants to cut funding for biking and walking by 30% and increase competition for the slashed funding.

MassBike has been working longer than any other organization in this state to fight for bike programs and projects, and we have seen a lot of success this past year because of this hard work. From local communities, to state agencies and legislators, to Congress, MassBike has been driving decision makers to improve and encourage biking in the Bay State.

Your past support has helped us achieve a lot. It is only because of that support that we have been making a difference! Here are just a few recent accomplishments:

  • Filed the Vulnerable Road Users Bill, which will increase penalties and educate motorists who injure or kill bicyclists and pedestrians.

  • Worked with Senator Kerry and Senator Brown to defend bike funding twice, and ensured that Massachusetts has bipartisan support for programs that create safe roads for all users, including bicyclists.

  • Partnered with MassDOT to address statewide problems ranging from construction zone bike safety to bicycle access on regional transit systems.

  • Empowered underserved communities to improve public health and make their streets safe through our work with local advocates in East Boston and Roxbury on roadway improvements and policy changes.

  • Directly educated 2000 children and adults about safe bicycling, and reached thousands more with our outreach campaigns.

Looking forward to 2012, we have an ambitious plan of action. We are going to keep working with the legislature to move the Vulnerable Road Users bill out of committee. In March we will be hitting Capitol Hill in DC (just as the transportation funding debate comes to a head), and there is a lot of work needed before then to make sure our delegation continues supporting biking. We’re looking at innovative ways to expand the reach of our education program. And we’ve got big plans with our public health partners to get more people biking in underserved communities all over the state.

We can make Massachusetts a better place for bicycling, but we can’t do it without you. The lion's share of our funding comes from our members and donors, so please donate today by clicking here.

Thank you for your support. Safe riding and enjoy the holiday season!

MassBike Volunteer Night

Just a quick note that our monthly volunteer night is coming up! It will be:

MassBike Volunteer Night
Tuesday, 12/13
5pm-8pm; 171 Milk Street, Suite 33, Boston

Volunteer nights are a great opportunity to help your statewide bicycle advocacy group, while having a good time and meeting great people. We meet every second Tuesday of the month at the MassBike office (171 Milk Street, Suite 33, Boston) from 5-8pm. Volunteers help MassBike to send out our monthly membership renewal reminders, prepare membership packets, and help out with other activities as they come up. We provide the pizza and drinks. Volunteer night is a great way to meet some other bicyclists. Please RSVP to

Giving The Perfect Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift? We at MassBike are here to help you with your holiday shopping needs!

For those interested in collector's items, check out our 30th Anniversary MassBike T-Shirt here. With our new logo in place, we will not be re-printing these comfortable, cotton shirts, so get them while they last! Did we mention they are 50% off?! That's right; these limited-edition gems are now only $7.50.

If you need to buy stocking stuffers, a great place to shop is at your local bicycle shop. MassBike members receive a 10% discount on parts and accessories--unless otherwise noted--at a number of bike shops across the state. For a list of our MassBike Business Partners and discount amounts, look here. Bicycle Lights, wool socks, and waterproof clothing all make great winter-appropriate gifts.

Another great, tax-deductible option is to purchase a MassBike membership for the bike-loving person or family in your life. Membership options start at $35, and you will receive plenty of benefits, all of which are listed here.

And finally, you can give the best gift of all - a better place for biking. Click here to make a donation to MassBike so that we can keep working hard on your behalf to make the roads a little friendlier.

MassBike's Sharp New Logo

Like a child that has gotten just a little too big for her bike, MassBike recently adopted a new logo to reflect the increasing professionalism and growing importance of the organization. Just like that child's bike, we have gotten a lot of miles out of our old logo, and it worked well for us when we needed it. But the old logo's fine details, small size of the letters, and unusual color choices compelled us to adopt something a little more contemporary and slicker.

Like all things, give the new logo a chance before you decide you don't like it. Wait until you see it on shirts, stickers, brochures, business cards, and bikes - and we think you'll see why it is a dramatic improvement over our past logo. We liked this one because:

  • It is simple.

  • It indicates the mission of the organization (better bicycling for Massachusetts).

  • When placed next to other logos, our name will appear more legible.

  • The slanted box indicates motion (and we are certainly moving toward a bike-friendly state).

Stay tuned as we begin producing MassBike merchandise with the new logo, and act quickly to get your t-shirts, water bottles and other items with the old logo - they're soon to be collector's items!

Hiring Membership and Office Coordinator

MassBike is looking for an energetic, qualified person to help us keep the office organized, efficient and flowing smoothely. Because we have over 3,000 members, a big chunk of that time will be processing new memberships and renewals, undertaking bulk mailings, and keeping on top of our online store. But like any office in a growing organization, the phone calls, email inquiries, and documents do tend to pile up, and this person will also be responsible for making sure that the office keeps up with the general administrative tasks that need to be handled.
The ideal candidate for this entry-level position is someone who has good time-management skills, is detail oriented, and understands the importance of individual tasks in relation to the bigger mission of the organization. This could also be a position wherein a qualified candidate could grow into a higher-responsibility role at MassBike, depending on interests and abilities. Some of the duties specifically include:

  • Provide top-notch services to members, donors, and customers.

  • Handle all membership, donation, merchandise, bicycling skills class, and event registration inquiries and orders, by mail, phone, and online store.

  • Generate and send monthly membership renewal mailings and emails.

  • Track membership, renewal, and fundraising statistics on a monthly and annual basis.

  • Coordinate monthly Volunteer Nights and other volunteer activities.

  • Manage inventory.

For more information, check out our job posting here. Job applications can be sent to, and it’s best to send them in by Wednesday, December, 7th (the sooner, the better). We are looking to hire a qualified applicant as soon as possible, so please spread the word!

Critical Meeting For Casey Overpass This Monday!

If you follow our blog, you've probably heard now and again about the Casey Overpass project near the Forest Hills MBTA Station. This is a major project with the potential to remake and reconnect the neighborhoods around the station, linking them with each other, parks, businesses, and transit. If you live in or travel through the area by bike, we need you at Monday's public meeting. This meeting marks an important decision point in the project, where the public will express its preference for replacing the current Casey Overpass with another bridge or an at-grade, street-level roadway. MassBike strongly supports the at-grade option, but we need bicyclists who live and ride there every day to speak up. This option not only has our endorsement, but also WalkBoston, LivableStreets Alliance, Boston Cyclists Union, JP Bikes, and many other involved advocates.

Casey Overpass Public Meeting

Monday, November 21
5:30-6:00pm Open House
6:00-8:30pm Public Information Meeting
William Hinton Laboratory- Auditorium (also known as the State Lab)
305 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

While either option will improve overall traffic flow through the area, there are compelling reasons to favor the at-grade option. You can find a lot of information about the project and the proposed alternatives here, but briefly some of the benefits of the at-grade option would be:

  • Bike lanes through the entire corridor

  • Safer and more convenient connections to transit

  • Supports street-front economic and neighborhood development

  • Better connections between abutting green space and the parks of the Emerald Necklace

  • Separate paths for walkers and cyclists (in addition to on-street bike lanes)

  • No dark or hidden spaces in the corridor

  • Includes Washington Street improvements making it safer for walkers, cyclists, and motorists

  • Saves taxpayer dollars

If you don't have time to attend the meeting this Monday, please email your support to John Romano at MassDOT ( and copy and your local elected officials. Be sure to reference Project File No. 605511.

Senate Transportation Bill Threatens Biking

A lot of you have heard about the draft transportation bill released by the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, and may have also heard that a lot of bike advocates are unhappy about the funding outlook. We've waited to post on this because there has been a lot of action on this legislation, and things keep changing. While action isn't needed right now, it may be urgently needed in the future - read below for more details, and stay tuned for future posts on this issue.
The bill actually does some really good things, like consolidating seven "core" and 13+ other programs into just five new "core" programs (see graphic below). Most transportation advocates are especially happy to see the National Highway Performance Program, which will create measures to maximize the effectiveness of our infrastructure investments. The legislation also eliminates earmarked projects, which most people seem happy about.

What concerns people in the bike community is that the three main sources of federal bike funding are consolidated into the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program. This is potentially bad on three fronts:

  • There could be a 20-30% reduction in overall bike/ped funding under this legislation, even though it supposedly "maintains current funding levels."

  • There could be more eligible uses for bike/ped funding, including things like vegetation management and wetland mitigation. This would mean more competition for less money.

  • Since bike/ped funding is no longer in a separate program, it might be easier for DOTs to redirect the funding to other roadway uses, though right now it is unclear what other uses would be eligible. Senator Boxer (D-CA) has already reduced the number of eligible road uses (a major step forward), but the language of the bill is still in flux.

Another issue bicyclists have taken issue with is the "mandatory side path rule" included in the bill. This clause states that on federally owned roads, bicyclists must use a side path if one is present. Especially for those who feel more comfortable traveling on the road, this is a major problem, and the League of American Bicyclists has started a petition for people to sign against this clause. But we need to emphasize that while the side path rule is bad, the overall reduction in funding is a much bigger problem, with ramifications in every community in the United States.

We do have strong allies trying to improve the situation, but their success is uncertain. Senator Merkley (D-OR) has introduced an amendment that would dedicate a 2% minimum of surface transportation funding to biking and walking, and Senator Cardiff (D-MD) introduced and amendment that would strip all road programs from other eligible uses of bike/ped funding. While neither has been adopted, they are part of a larger conversation going on before the bill hits the senate floor for a vote.

We have already called on you to defend bike funding twice over the past several weeks (here and here), and both times the anti-bike amendments were unsuccessful. We may be calling on you yet again to help us defend bike funding, but we're not quite there yet. We are working with our partners to develop a national strategy for defending bike funding, and will let you know just as soon as possible what you can do to help.

Seeking Spring Interns

Have you ever thought about starting a career working in nonprofits? Or do you have an interest in active transportation issues? If so, we're looking for interns for the upcoming Spring Semester, starting in January. Whether you are a student, retiree, or professional looking to learn something new, MassBike is committed to ensuring that our interns take on substantial projects and develop professional skills they'll need in the workplace.

MassBike is the oldest bike advocacy organization in the Bay State and the only one with a statewide focus. We only have two staff members (though are looking for a third), so our interns have the opportunity to take initiative and really add significantly to the organization's mission.

Internships are unpaid, but we are happy to work with students getting academic credit. We want this to be a valuable learning experience, and so take time at the beginning of the internship to discuss interests and then assign appropriate tasks, check in frequently during the course of the term, and then end with an exit interview to see how we could improve the educational experience for future interns.

Time commitments generally range from 8 - 12 hours per week, but we are willing to be flexible based on other time constraints. Obviously, the more time you put into the internship, the more you get out. We currently have two specific internships, with descriptions listed below:

Communications Intern

  • Update the MassBike blog, including researching and composing timely articles

  • Enhance MassBike's Social Media Tools: Twitter and Facebook

  • Update the MassBike Calendar of Events

  • Contribute to the "Quick Release," MassBike's biweekly newsletter

  • Correspond with members who have bike-related issues or concerns

Legislative Intern

  • Compose technical memoranda regarding federal and state transportation funding

  • Prepare fact sheets, packets, and other materials for the 2012 National Bike Summit

  • Coordinate with local bicycle groups or other advocacy organizations around the state for the National Bike Summit

  • Analyze upcoming legislation relevant to bicycling

Qualifications for the internship positions:

  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral

  • Ability to work independently

  • Knowledge of Word Press, Microsoft Suite, Adobe Suite, and/or other relevant software preferred

  • Attention to detail

  • Interest and participation in bicycling strongly preferred

  • Flexibility to pitch in wherever needed in a small organization

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to In your one-page cover letter briefly explain your interests, prior work experience, and what you would like to get out of an internship with us.

Winter Volunteers Needed!

Even though you might be starting to hang up your bikes for the season (though we hope not), that doesn't mean you can't still work for better biking in Massachusetts! MassBike volunteers help to spread the word about bicycling, directly help out other bicyclists, or help MassBike have the time to do more advocacy. You not only get the good feeling of helping your statewide bicycle advocacy organization, but we like to thank our volunteers who help out with 10 hours or more by providing them with a complimentary MassBike membership.

Check below for some of our upcoming volunteer opportunities, visit our volunteer page, or email for more information or to tell us you’d like to help out.

MassBike Volunteer Night
Tuesday, 11/8
5pm-8pm; 171 Milk Street, Suite 33, Boston

Volunteer nights are a great opportunity to help your statewide bicycle advocacy group, while having a good time and meeting great people. We meet every second Tuesday of the month at the MassBike office (171 Milk Street, Suite 33, Boston) from 5-8pm. Volunteers help MassBike to send out our monthly membership renewal reminders, prepare membership packets, and help out with other activities as they come up. We provide the pizza and drinks. Volunteer night is a great way to meet some other bicyclists.

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