Boston bike lanes need to be redesigned - they still have a dooring problem

The summary below is an updated and expanded version of what I sent out to some friends who had heard about the accident. I am also filling in more details in this email.

 I was riding on Columbus Ave, on Thursday, 10/27 going in bound having started on Columbus from Ruggles Station

  • I had stopped at the light on Mass Ave and went with the green light.

  • I got past the USES building or Tubman House and had gotten to the corner of West Springfield  on the inbound side of the corner at about 9:15 am.

  • I was staying to the left side of the bike lane practically on the left hand white line to avoid doors.

  • That is when the driver of the red, two door Mini opened up the door. I never had time to react

  • I didn’t hit the middle of the door; as best as I can figure out the edge of the door hit my right knee, probably when it was in the 3 O’clock position

  • I went down like a ton of bricks on my left side, hitting my left shoulder, elbow and left side of my hip and legs

  • I probably skidded on that side (holes in the jacket) and flip over on to my back, probably hitting my head too (wearing a helmet)

  • I didn’t get run over by a car once the door from the parked car had knocked me over and I was down on the ground

  • I got run into by the bicyclist who was right behind me-she went down and into me as well

  • I did bang the heck out of almost all of me

  • A bystander on the street called 911 and Boston fire and Police responded

  • It took me about a minute to get up out of the street – I was pretty fuzzy

  • I think it was the Boston Police or the Boston Fire who suggested I go over to the stoop of the corner house and sit down

  • When I tried to walk over to it is when I began to realize that all was not well

  • Lots of pain in the groin and in my leg muscles leading to the groin; really could put any weight onto the right leg

  • Eventually I figured I should go to the ER and get checked out

  • I got taken by Boston EMS to the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital

  • Where they kept me in the ER for 27 hours doing multiple X rays and CAT scans

  • The final conclusion of the orthopedic doctors is that I had 4 fractures in areas of my pelvis

  • That they didn’t need to operate and that I would need Physical Therapy and could go home

  • I got discharged Friday afternoon and am home on crutches

  • So unfortunately you can still get doored even riding in the left hand side of the bike lanes

  • Maybe we can discuss this problem at the advocacy training on Dec 17th

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