Mark Kaepplein

  • William Dotson was killed crossing the street on a sunny day on March 23, 2015. Since then the identity of the Woburn driver who hit him has still been kept secret by Middlesex DA Marian Ryan and Arlington police chief Fred Ryan for the past 18 months. The driver was only recently charged, and had a magistrate hearing without results made public just recently. When asked Chief Ryan why she hasn’t been named, he claimed it was protected information under HIPAA!

    Yet, when Paul Giragosian struck and killed a woman at night outside of a dark sidewalk, Ryan and Ryan rushed to name and charge him. Likewise, other drivers have also been named prior to arraignment. Giragosian was cleared of all charges, though hampered from getting his driving license back.

    I hope MassBike can help put pressure on police and DAs to come up with consistent policy and more timely action.