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  • One of the biggest problems in connecting trails, is there is no good map that shows all the trails and planned connections. We have the map you show in the post, we have TrailLink, but these do not reflect plans (such as new trails, extensions to existing trails, or various connections that MAPC is proposing). These definitely do not reflect the other abandoned corridors that could become trails.

    An example of this was a meeting about the Mass Central Rail Trail that occurred about a month ago. The state is doing a study of the pieces needed to finish the trail from Boston to Northampton, but had completely overlooked that the Waschusetts Aqueduct that is currently a walking trail and being looked at to be a multi-use trail came within 1/10 of a mile of the Mass Central. In this case this was critical, because the review had already identified the location where they would connect as being a challenging piece of engineering but they had not considered this additional link. This link has the ability to connect to five other rail trails, and potentially remove the East Coast Greenway from a long on road stretch.

    We need a good map for these types of plans, and for inspiring people to push local efforts to connect trails. Additionally the map needs to reflect neighboring states trails, because in multiple instances I can think of Massachusetts is the one missing a few miles to connect to other states trails.

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