Philip Frank

  • Tony, do you hear what you are saying?
    How do you know, or, what makes you think that driver knew she was there?
    Do you understand that what you are saying is a lane, the area she was in, was in reality not a traffic lane. No One was supposed to be driving there or using it as a “lane”. It was not a traffic lane.
    Do you really feel, as you stated, that it is ok for one group of road users to disregard the rules of the road? Rules that are there to prevent accidents.
    Why is it acceptable to you for one group of legitimate road users to be accountable for their actions and the irresponsible actions of others, and another group of legitimate road users to escape that responsibility of their actions?

    I don’t even own a motor vehicle, haven’t for nearly 8 years. When I’m not working, I ride a bike, or walk. One of those bikes has been ridden through 48 of our 50 states.