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  • Topic: Bicycle/Pedestrian feedback to ride share drivers

    Have you or other bike advocacy organizations expressed the need for ride-sharing apps to create a simple means for road users to provide easy feedback online/via the app? As a bicyclist, I sent some feedback to Lyft this (AM), but there’s no clear topic description for reporting unsafe driving when not also the passenger, and it took far too many clicks to get to a part of their platform to where a message could be sent. An aggressive driver (in moderately low traffic, at Arlington/Comm. Ave., Back Bay) repetitively honked at me and passed, at increased speed unreasonably close, nearly clipping my left side with their right side mirror). Donning ride sharing labels in their back window, I quickly took note of the license plate and sent a message to Lyft. With Lyft partnering with BlueBikes, I wrote, sharing the need for better education of bike legislation in the driver on-boarding process including portions from from Chap. 85, Section 11B, as this behavior is not acceptable by law. Additionally, do you know of a widely-used app for reporting aggressive drivers? Or a means for passengers of said vehicles to report this behavior when happening live, vs. having to wait until they can comment about their ride after its completion?

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