Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition

MassBike advocates for policies that encourage and support community wellness, equity, and inclusion, enable sustainable growth, drive economic vitality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

MassBike’s Vision for the Future
Bicycling in Massachusetts is a safe, respected, convenient, and enjoyable way to get around. Roads throughout the state are safe and welcoming for cyclists, and all users interact in a courteous and legal manner. Car-free pathways connect our communities, bicycles are fully integrated into our public transportation system, and secure bike parking is located where people need it. People of all kinds and means choose to bicycle for life, work, and play.

  • MassBike Updates

    Better Bicycling in the 192nd Legislative Session

    Better Biking Bills at MA State House

    The legislative bill filing season is moving along here in Massachusetts – and we need your help! We have several bicycle-friendly bills filed in both the MA House of Representatives and the Senate, and we'd like your local legislators to become cosponsors.

    Working with reps and senators from across the state, we have six bills we're supporting, which help improve road safety, promote electric bicycle regulations, offer incentives for bicycle commuting, and fund rail trails. You can find more information about these bills below, and on our Legislation Advocacy webpage.

    This is the very start of the bill-becomes-a-law process, and a good time to let your reps know to chime in.

    Our ask for you is to:

    1. Get to know our six bicycle-related bills that have been filed for the 192nd Legislative Session
    2. Find and contact your local state legislators, either by phone call or email
    3. Ask them to support these bicycle-related bills (reference the bills by "docket number," and remember to thank them for their work!)
    4. And please share a story about why promoting bicycling, improving road safety, and building our rail trails are so important to you

    To make this easy, we've created a template to use to reference the bills when contacting your legislator. If it helps, click HERE to use the template.

    Details of the bills we're supporting are below

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    Register for the 2021 National Bike Summit

    Join MassBike for the National Bike Summit- virtually! The 2021 National Bike Summit will be taking place online, February 28th - March 3rd. Attend educational workshops, network with bicycling advocates from across the country, and advocate for your congressional district during the virtual lobby day.

    The National Bike Summit usually takes place in Washington D.C. every year and our mighty Massachusetts delegation usually travels down to Washington to learn, share, and lobby for better bicycling policies with our senators and congresspeople. With this year’s virtual format, we're looking to grow our team to have a bigger group than ever before attend the summit. Bicycling advocates from across the commonwealth are encouraged to attend, to share knowledge, learn from each other, and show our legislators that we have statewide support for better bicycling for all in Massachusetts.

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