tony Vallentine

  • he passed her so unless he was doing something besides driving, he knew she was there. What does the traffic do when they approach an intersection with a green light and are planning to continue on to cross through the intersection? Stop? wait at the green light for motor vehicles in the center lane to make ‘illegal’ terns to the right? Come on, if you are a cyclist, you know paint on a street saves no lives. How many people park in bike lanes? How many motor vehicles operate in bike lanes. I ride on the right side of the road, not the middle. There is no place to go when you have cars on both sides of you. I do not trust anybody behind the wheel nor should anybody else. From what I see was operating in a safe manner because she did not know the truck in the center lane was making a turn to the right. she wasnt trying to pass the truck, she was trying to proceed through the intersection with a green light with the flow of traffic and was crushed by the back wheels of a truck slowing down to her left cutting her off as he was in the wrong lane to make a turn operating a rig way too big for that intersection.Paint or no paint, lane or no lane, he knew she was there, he had passed her before the intersection she on the right side and should have let her go. He is accountable for running her over.