William Adama

  • Absolute disgrace from a leader of this organization. From everything I have read thus far Amanda left a sidewalk ramp to an already open door which is close to the impact spot. I drive through this congested and difficult spot daily, and she should not have been on the sidewalk at this particular location, clearly marked so on all nearby ramps. If she did in fact exit the sidewalk and into a door already open, or frankly, a door opening as she exited a location which would not have been visible in the proper amount of time because she was not operating her bicycle in a lawful manner, she is solely responsible, though perhaps one could argue as is the City of Cambridge for the existence of such an absurdly insane area for bikers. I see dangerous conditions in this area and have on several occasions in 2016, phoned the Mayor’s office with my concerns about this intersection. I also did so in 2015.
    One does not charge someone wrongfully just to make a point about safety. The facts of this situation should be known before making a decision on whether charges should be brought. After seeing this posting from Richard Fries I hope all will consider boycotting this organization by ending your affiliations. This kind of behavior only escalates the danger to bikers by making bikers look like an army of agitators with no consideration for the law and due process.