Craig Della Penna

  • Surface Transportation Board Decision Helps Move Sudbury Rail Trail Forward

    By Craig Della Penna

    Recently, an interesting “transportation-related”  case was decided-on in DC. A kind of case not normally seen going to the Surface Transportation Board (STB). A case that was a last gasp, Hail Mary Pass of a "Not In My Backyard" group opposed to the development of a rail-trail in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The case, though obscure, will have a great impact on the development of the longest rail-trail network in the northeast. But first, a little history...

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  • No Geoff. There won’t be any more corridor on Cape Cod using railbanking. Railbanking is a unusual way to do things, but it was needed in these couple of cases.

  • I’ll add-in that Bill Numbers (192nd Session): HD.456 and SD.160 is pretty important in that it will fill-in the one main gap in what will be the longest interstate trail in the northeast—the New Haven & Northampton Canal Greenway. Craig Della Penna 413 575 2277 [email protected]

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