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  • Eoin McMahon

    My name is Eoin McMahon and I’m an Ireland based entrepreneur. I’m interested in opening the conversation about providing your bike routes with public bike repair stations so patrons can repair their bike for free and on the go. If this interests you, please don’t hesitate to respond.


    Eoin McMahon
  • Eoin McMahon

    My name is Eoin McMahon and I’m an Ireland based entrepreneur. I’m interested in opening the conversation about providing your bike routes with public bike repair stations so patrons can repair their bike for free and on the go. If this interests you, please don’t hesitate to respond.


    Eoin McMahon
  • Daniel Dangler
    Hello- I’m getting in touch b/c I would like to ride my bike from Dorchester (King Street) to the Longwood Medical area and am trying to find the safest route/s. I’m wondering what resources there might be that could help me with this? Thanks. Dan
  • Thomas Swetts
    I would like to thank Massbike for supporting bikes and beers this weekend. SIx of us from out of state spent three days in the great city of Boston and added about $5,000 to you economy. We’ll be back.
  • Nadette Stasa
    CASTING: People in Detroit, MI and Boston, MA who were involved in a serious car crash

    Whether you were the driver, a pedestrian or cyclist, we want to hear your story!

    Those selected for the ad campaign will be compensated and featured in video/print project for a major tech company.


    Please TAG and SHARE this info with anyone you know who may have had this experience.

    If you have any questions, call GENUINE at 212-966-3211 or email us at
  • Kathleen Parlante
  • Jay Glaser
  • Jay Glaser
    I would like to propose that MassBike adds restoring access to the dozens of miles of doubletrack at Wachusett Reservoir to their advocacy program. About 20-25 years ago this access was cut off for no good reason. I attended a public hearing in Clinton on the issue and there was no reason forthcoming from the spokesman. The trails and scenery in the reservoir area are ideal for mountain, hybrid and even road bikes. Perhaps this issue could be brought up at the Worcester Bike Summit.
  • Richard
    Does anyone know if box turns are against the law in MA?
  • M X
    The ebike articles really need a date on them. How do we know if the info is obsolete?
  • Heath Pendleton
  • Heath Pendleton
    We’re hosting a demo of JUMP E-bikes and scooters on Wednesday, June 19th at 1:00 pm in Boston City Hall Plaza. E-bikes and scooters bridge the gap between traditional bikes and cars, providing a safe, sustainable form of transportation, especially for riders from areas underserved by mass transit. All JUMP bikes and scooters are designed to deliver an exciting yet safe ride for both riders and residents.

    Come by anytime between 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm to experience firsthand the excitement surrounding JUMP dockless E-bikes and scooters. We’ve put some additional information below:

    What: Take a test ride on JUMP’s E-bikes and scooters

    Why: E-bikes and scooters allow riders to go further, faster, and have fun without breaking a sweat.

    Who: Boston area policy makers, Local advocacy groups, JUMP representatives

    When: Wednesday, June 19th Anytime between 1:00 and 2:30 pm

    Where: Boston City Hall Plaza (1 City Hall Square Boston, MA 02203)

    To RSVP, or learn more, please reach out to

    Hope to see you there!
  • Aditya Nadkarni
  • Aditya Nadkarni
    Looking for private biking lessons for my 7yr old. We live in Hopkinton MA. Would there be any instructor around that can help.
  • Dan Krechmer
    I’m representing a local Ped/Bike Committee and we have contested elections coming up in our City for Mayor and City Council. Candidate forums are being planned and we’d like to develop a list of questions relating to Ped/Bike issues. Has MassBike developed a list for statewide, legislative or other local elections? If so, this would provide a good starting point for us. Thank you
  • AnaMarie Morales
    Hello, I am trying to get a hold of Millie with Mass Bikes to discuss the Volunteers needed for the Springfield Jazz Fest for Mass Bikes. Feel free to reach me via email at: or directly at 407-928-7187.
  • K.A.M.
    Topic: Bicycle/Pedestrian feedback to ride share drivers

    Have you or other bike advocacy organizations expressed the need for ride-sharing apps to create a simple means for road users to provide easy feedback online/via the app? As a bicyclist, I sent some feedback to Lyft this (AM), but there’s no clear topic description for reporting unsafe driving when not also the passenger, and it took far too many clicks to get to a part of their platform to where a message could be sent. An aggressive driver (in moderately low traffic, at Arlington/Comm. Ave., Back Bay) repetitively honked at me and passed, at increased speed unreasonably close, nearly clipping my left side with their right side mirror). Donning ride sharing labels in their back window, I quickly took note of the license plate and sent a message to Lyft. With Lyft partnering with BlueBikes, I wrote, sharing the need for better education of bike legislation in the driver on-boarding process including portions from from Chap. 85, Section 11B, as this behavior is not acceptable by law. Additionally, do you know of a widely-used app for reporting aggressive drivers? Or a means for passengers of said vehicles to report this behavior when happening live, vs. having to wait until they can comment about their ride after its completion?
  • Chris Spychalski
    Galen – thanks for all you do & wonderful to meet you at last night’s party! What I did for May Bike to Work month was start a company. page has info & updates. I’ll post demo events, including Salem & Worcester Bike Summits, Connecting Bikes + Health
  • Tim McQuown
  • Tim McQuown
    Years ago MassBike (or BMOC maybe) had online discussion forums where topics of shared concern were discussed. There doesn’t seem to be anything like that today. I also don’t see any place to send comments about upcoming legislation or other bike topics But maybe this is it.

    Regardless, I’m disappointed by MassBike’s eBike advocacy as it stands. I’ve gotta believe that most bike path users would agree that the proposed 20 mph is way too fast. 15mph would be better, but still high. I commute regularly on the Charles River paths and many of the eBike users (currently scofflaws) are inexperienced and unsafe. They race, weaving through other bikes believing they’re Lance Armstrong. It takes some effort for a rider on a road bike to maintain 20, but at least a rider capable of that likely has some riding skills. 28mph – even if restricted from paths – is crazy.

    Honestly, I must admit I don’t get it. Riding a bike doesn’t take that much effort. Why are motors needed? If MassBike is an advocate for safety, then it should oppose eBikes; they make bicycling less safe.
  • Kathleen Goulet
    I am interested in the bike skills for women class. Do you have any classes upcoming?
  • Juan Mandelbaum
  • Juan Mandelbaum
    Please please please do a USE LIGHTS campaign!! Last night in Brookline I saw four bikes without lights in a five block stretch of dark streets. Every night I see several bikers without lights. This is an unacceptable risk for bikers and drivers.
  • Daniel Beck
    I had an appointment today at Longwood medical area and was amazed to find every bike rack filled. Is there a group or agency that working on bike parking in this area? Its an area that is so congested to begin with I would hope the various institutions would have some interest in expanding bike parking.
  • Bridget Basilico
    I would like to suggest a public campaign – SAME ROADSAME RULES. As a pedestrian in Boston numerous times i have to dodge cyclists who are going through red lights and against a pedestrian walk signal. I have nothing against sharing the road with bikes but I do want to them to obey the traffic signals. Thank you.
  • Brian C

    I have a bit of an odd question that I am hoping someone can help out with. I am a civil engineer designer, who has been asked to specify a bike rack at an elementary school in Concord, MA. I am wondering if MassBike provides any guidance on preferred bike rack types/manufacturers. I know that City of Boston prefers the ‘hitch’ type, and accepts the ‘U’ and ‘ARc’ types, but wondering if there is any prevailing ‘best practices’ when selecting bike rack type. Installing with enough clearance is definitely something we are making sure of in the design.

    Thank you!
  • Everett Briggs
    Ride of Silence – Cambridge Common, 15 May 2019, 5:30 PM
  • Hal Tarr
    Is there a paper bicycle map of the Boston area? If so, how can I get one?
  • David Chesler
    Please note my change of address from Milford CT to 52 Interlaken Rd, Stamford CT 06903-5025.
  • Luis Fernandez
    Hi There,

    I’m a staff member at the somerville bike kitchen. We were present outside next to the MassBike – bike valet this past Sunday, April 28 at Aeronaut during the bike month kick-off.

    I noticed that you were using some really great racks for the bike valet. We’re having an event on May 18th in SOmerville (SBK 1st annual BBQ and bike pageant) and was wondering if there’s any chance we could borrow or rent those bike racks for the event?

    Details for our event are below, any chance you can publish this event in your calendar?