Carlos Coutinho

  • Jason, from what I understand it has to go through financial red tape before the money is assigned, and that should happen at the beginning of next year. I’ve been waiting patiently and checking almost every week.

  • I’m disabled. I have Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. Bill # 204 is abelist and I will be contacting again to ask them not to sign this bill. There is no reason to limit e-bike motors to 750 watts, especially if you’re already limiting the speed (I used to get up to 40mph on my Cannondale on a good day so that’s a crock too). What about heavy people? What about people whose only transportation is a bike and they need to use a trailer? Massachusetts doesn’t need more laws and regulations, I remember how terrible mandatory helmet laws were for childhood cycling (now very fat adults) when they were passed. My 750 watt Bafang motor came with a 250 watt sticker in case I wanted to go to Europe. Don’t even get me started on “unlawfully” modifying the bikes, hot rodding is an American tradition. Just like unregistered dirt bikes on public roads these new regulations will only effect law abiding citizens, keep the disabled AWAY from cycling and anyone who ignores the laws will get a slap on the wrist. This is NOT the time to put up huge barriers to modern cycling!

Disabled cyclist who *doesn't* live in Boston.