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  • ACTION ALERT: Critical Traffic Safety & E-Bike Bills Need Your Help

    On Thursday, October 14th at 10am, the Joint Committee on Transportation is hearing bills related to bicycles and pedestrians, including several of MassBike's priority bills for this legislative session about e-bikes and traffic safety. We need your help! By the end of this week, please send the Joint Committee on Transportation members your personal stories about electric bicycles and/or traffic safety to show the impact these critical bills will have for better bicycling across Massachusetts.

    Read more below about the specific bills we support. Then email your comments, sharing why you personally support these bills and urging them to be favorably reported out of committeeThe formal deadline to support these bills is Friday, October 15th at 5pm, though of course they will accept input from citizens at any time.

    Please direct your emails to:

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  • Celebrate Bike Month at the Bike Bash

    This Bay State Bike Month advocates like you hosted over 100 events across the commonwealth and got their wheels turning to celebrate bicycling statewide. From commuter breakfasts (like the one we hosted at CIC Boston shown above) to kids bike rodeos to historic bicycle tours– all the events on the Bay State Bike Month Calendar showed how residents across the commonwealth love bicycling. We are excited to use the tailwinds you all generated as we ride towards better bicycling for everyone in Massachusetts.

    Keep the Bay State Bike Month fun going by joining us at our outdoors Bike Bash on Wednesday, October 13th! From 4:30pm-6:30pm, we’ll be partying at Assembly Row’s new Public Lawn (by the PKL courts).

    We'll have food provided by The Smoke Shop BBQ and Night Shift Brewing is offering to donate $2 for every drink, so you can grab a brew and support MassBike! To get in the party mood, we’ll be joined by some musical entertainment A Trike Called Funk and Hot Molasses

    We’ll be raffling off prizes from KryptoniteBern Helmets, and a grand prize of a new medium-sized REI Co-op CTY E2 E-bike thanks to our friends at your local REI Co-Op. This e-bike makes getting around town breezy fun, with multimode pedal assist, a stable, upright ride, and an integrated cargo-ready rear rack.

    RSVP is required to ensure we have enough snacks on hand for everyone. Free bike valet parking will be provided, so roll on down and let’s party!

    RSVP For the Bike Bash @ Assembly

  • Bay State Bike Month is Rolling Along

    Bay State Bike Month is off to a strong start- over 70 bicycling events across the state were added to our events calendar and our first bicycle challenge showed off the variety of items you can carry by bike. Make sure to find an event near you on the Bay State Bike Month Website and don’t forget to share with us how you’re celebrating Bay State Bike Month by tagging us @MassBike on social media. Keep reading to learn about more ways you can find your bike joy this September.

    Be a Bike Buddy Challenge | Sep. 12th-18th

    Everyone knows that bikes are better with friends! To celebrate Rolling Together Again, be a bike buddy, like Rep Nika Elugardo who shared this photo for one of our 2020 Bike Month challenges, by riding with a friend!

    The "Be a Bike Buddy" challenge runs until September 18th and one lucky winner & their bike buddy will each receive a set of MassBike socks in either black or green, a MassBike Buff, and a 2021 Bay State Bike Month T-shirt so they can be bike-twins.

    How to Join the Challenge:

    • Take a ride with your bike buddy (bonus points if it’s a new rider) & snap a ride selfie of the both of you
    • Share your story about your ride with us! Either post your photo and story on social media and tag @MassBike or email your photo and story to [email protected]

    Stay tuned to our weekly Bike Month emails, MassBike’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), & the Bay State Bike Month website for details on September bicycle challenges.

    Bike Month Celebration: Cycling Legends of the West End Launch Party + Roller Racing

    Saturday, September 18th from 4-8pm, join MassBike and the West End Museum for Bike Month Celebration and the launch of the Cycling Legends of the West End Exhibit. The event will feature lots of bicycling fun– including roller racing set up outside the museum so you can race your friends. If racing isn't your thing, join a short bike tour to check out cycling infrastructure near the museum with MassBike.

    “Cycling Legends of the West End” spotlights three fascinating characters in cycling history. The exhibit also recounts the invention of the bicycle, its popularization and innovations in the 1800s, the bike craze of the 1890s, and the renaissance of the 1970s. Come celebrate the history of bicycling and the current bike boom with MassBike & the West End Museum!

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    MassCommute Bicycle Challenge | September 19th-26th

    We’re gearing up for the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge, the premier event of Bay State Bike Month, which will be rolling September 19th-26th. Log your trips every day either with your Transportation Management Association (TMA) or with MassBike’s Love to Ride Group and you will be entered to win daily prizes! 

    If you’re participating with MassBike’s Love to Ride Group, make sure to fill out the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge Entry Form to become eligible for the daily prize drawing. 


    Learn More


    Stay engaged with Bay State Bike Month by joining our mailing list & following MassBike on social media 


  • Carry It With You Challenge Recap

    Glenn's bike to work set up is ready for any conditions

    During our “Carry It With You” Challenge, you all show off some of your best bicycling hauls! One lucky winner received a basket from Nantucket Bike Basket Co. to help make it even easier to load up their bicycle with whatever they need to carry. Here is just a very small sampling of some the great entries we recieved:

    Suzy, who says, "You can't beat taking the world with you on a bike! And of course a dog. Always a dog."

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  • Bridge Across the Ocean - A New Book by Jack B Rochester

    Today, we celebrate with long-time MassBike supporter, Jack, the publication of his new bicycling novel, Bridge Across the Ocean. He began writing it ten years ago, and needless to say, it’s been through a few changes since then. Here is a short synopsis:

    Jedediah Smith, Luke Lin, David Bondsman and Rick Saundersson have created the most innovative bicycle drive in history: The Spinner, a technologically advanced device that produces and stores its own energy without needing batteries. It’s 2011, and it’s ideally positioned for the just-emerging city bike market, and the world’s largest bicycle maker in Taiwan is interested.

    Just before they are to leave for Taipei to meet with Joyful Bike, Luke is struck down while cycling and killed by a hit-and-run driver. Although heartbroken, the three friends decide to continue with their business trip, taking Luke’s fiancée Suzie Sun with them.

    At Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, the group encounters two Japanese agents of business espionage who don’t know what they have, but nevertheless want to steal it. The “information worms” pursue the cyclists to Taipei, where the stakes grow ever higher and a battle of espionage ensues.

    The guys begin negotiations with Joyful’s director of business development, Jung-Shan Lai. She takes them cycling on Joyful’s newest Dragon Fire carbon fiber bikes through Taiwan’s breathtaking scenery as they continue trying to thwart the attacks of the information worms. 
    Jed promptly falls in love with Jung-Shan, and she with him.

    Jack’s fourth novel portrays, as cyclist and author John Gantz wrote in his review, as “the span of the metaphoric bridge across the ocean (with) one end in New Hampshire and the other in Taiwan.”  

    Sara Dykman, author of Bicycling with Butterflies, wrote in her review, “We need stories like Bridge Across the Ocean to remind us that cycling is an act of vulnerability and an act of joy. Some readers will decide to one day bike through Taiwan. Others will daydream about breakthroughs in bike tech. Everyone will carry Luke’s story in their mind. I did all three because after all, as Joyful Bike’s CEO says, “The bicycle is my destiny.”

    Join us for a Publication Party on Tuesday, September 14th at 7:30pm! You’re invited to join us for “Bikes ‘n’ Books,” our virtual publication party, where you can meet the author and Galen Mook, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition, watch a video, and enter a drawing for a free copy of Bridge. Just click on RSVP here to get the zoom information to join!

    RSVP Here

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  • Bay State Bike Month is Here!

    Bay State Bike Month has arrived and all September long advocates across Massachusetts are hosting events to celebrate bicycling. To find a bikey event near you, you can head to the Bay State Bike Month Website to check out the Events Calendar. In addition to in-person events, MassBike is hosting a series of bicycle challenges to encourage riders to find their bike joy and ride their bike for a chance to win prizes. 

    Carry It With You Challenge

    Bicycles are a great form of recreation, transportation, and a sustainable, self-powered way to haul stuff around town. Whether you’ve loaded up panniers, made use of a rack, or found another inventive way to carry something by bike- we want to know about it for our Carry It With You Challenge!

    This challenge runs from September 1st to September 11th and one lucky winner will receive a basket from Nantucket Bike Basket Co


    How to Join the Challenge:

    • Take a ride where you carry something on your bicycle & snap a pic of your carrying set up
    • Share your story about what you carried with you by bike with us! Either post your photo and story on social media and tag @MassBike or email your photo and story to [email protected]

     MassCommute Bicycle Challenge - September 19th-26th

    Back in its 27th year, MCBC is the signature event of Bay State Bike Month. The challenge promotes and encourages logging bicycle miles and trips through friendly competition between individuals, organizations, and teams. Get ready by logging your bicycling trips as part of the MassBike Love to Ride Group or your Transportation Management Association (TMA)'s trip logging platform. Once MCBC starts, all bicycle trips you log will enter you for a chance to win some great prizes. Learn more at the MassCommute Bicycle Challenge page and stay tuned to the Bay State Bike Month website for more details. 

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  • Massachusetts Avenue and Appleton Design Update

    A Guest Post by: Petru Sofio

    Massachusetts Avenue and Appleton Street in Arlington has always been a dangerous intersection. Odd geometry, antiquated traffic signals, and sun glare issues make for confusing and sometimes fatal conditions. On May 5th, 2020, Charlie Proctor, and his partner, Alison, were biking home when Charlie was struck by a left-turning driver who crossed in front of their path. The crash was fatal for Charlie. He died just three weeks before his 28th birthday.

    A month later, an eerily similar crash occurred at the intersection, when a driver crossed the lanes while turning left onto Appleton Street and struck a bicyclist, who luckily survived but was placed in the hospital for months with major injuries and a lifetime of physical therapy and recovery. In response to these incidents, Arlington promptly had their police department ban the deadly left turn every day during the pm peak hour. 

    After these collisions, Arlington’s Select Board approved a Design Review Committee, consisting of the town’s transportation planner, Department of Public Works, Arlington Police Department, three residents, an Ottoson Middle School representative, a business representative, and a representative from a nearby church. The goal was to create a short-term solution to improve safety for vulnerable road users at this intersection, get it approved by the Town, and implement it as quickly as possible.

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  • MA Bike-Friendly Bills Update - August 2021

    During our August Meet-Up, MassBike was joined by some of our key legislative partners for a Massachusetts bike-friendly bills update. We discussed the six bills MassBike is supporting this session and what MassBike supports can do to help them become laws. Thank you to our legislative partners who took time out of their summer recess to provide an update on the bike-friendly bills they're supporting this session, we appreciate having such great advocates working for better bicycling in the State House.

    We were joined by Representative Lindsay Sabadosa (1st Hampshire), Representative Tommy Vitolo (15th Norfolk), Representative Steve Owens (29th Middlesex), Senator Sal DiDomenico (Middlesex and Suffolk, and Senator Will Brownsberger (2nd Suffolk and Middlesex) who gave updates on the bike-friendly bills they’re championing this session and answered questions from attendees. Representative Natalie Blais (1st Franklin) provided prerecorded remarks about her bill, An act relative to electric bicycle rebates. You can view the recording on MassBike’s YouTube Channel and check out the slideshow presentation to learn more about the status of these crucial bills. Below you can find a list of the bills discussed and how you can take action to help these bills become laws.

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  • Back on the Bike - Helping Older Adults Get Riding

    In 2020, MassBike teamed up with the City of Cambridge’s Community Development Department to help get older adults back on the bike and out riding. The program included virtual sessions with information ranging from bicycle maintenance to adaptive bike options. The series of virtual workshops were meant to provide resources and encouragement to enable our older generation to get bicycling again. It was just the beginning of a growing program to help get older adults back on the bike.

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  • Bike Valet Helps Riders Go By Bike

    Biking to an event has lots of benefits- a little bit of extra exercise, community when you ride with friends, and getting to make an environmentally-friendly trip instead of using a polluting vehicle. But there is always the question, is there a secure place to park my bike when I get there?

    Bike Valet helps make community events more bike-friendly and makes the decision to go by bike an easy one by providing free and a secure bike parking location. As community events pick up, our bike valet programming is being offered across the state. 

    This program is made possible by our amazing volunteers that assist with the valet by parking bikes, watching over them during the event, and ensuring that they are safely returned to their owners. 

    Do you have an event that could use a bike valet? Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can work with you to help make your event more bike-friendly.

  • August MassBike Meet-Up - Legislative Update

    Supporting bike-friendly legislation is one of the key ways MassBike helps make Massachusetts better for every bicyclist. In this legislative session, we are supporting bills that will make our roadways safer, help support e-bikes in Massachusetts, and more. 

    On Monday, August 23rd at noon, join our virtual August Meet-Up to get an update on bike-friendly bills in MA from MassBike's Executive Director, Galen Mook. We will be joined by key legislative partners who are championing their bills, including Representative Natalie Blais (1st Franklin) Representative Lindsay Sabadosa (1st Hampshire), Representative Tommy Vitolo (15th Norfolk), Representative Steve Owens (29th Middlesex), Senator Will Brownsberger (2nd Suffolk and Middlesex), and Senator Sal DiDomencio (Middlesex and Suffolk). Learn about the bills we're supporting, their status, and what you can do to support our legislative work.

    Rep Natalie M. Blais - 1st Franklin Rep Lindsay N. Sabadosa - 1st Hampshire Rep Tommy Vitolo - 15th Norfolk Rep Steven C. Owens - 29th Middlesex
    Sen William N. Brownsberger - Second Suffolk and Middlesex Sen Sal N. DiDomenico - Middlesex and Suffolk

    At the virtual meet-up we will also discuss a recent win for our regional trails network and let you know a little bit about what's going on with bike-friendly bills on the Federal level. RSVP at the link below and we look forward to seeing you there.



  • $4 Million in MassTrails Grants will increase trail connectivity statewide

    Photo by the Sandwich Bikeways & Pedestrian Committee

    Governor Baker recently visited the Cape Cod Canal to announce $4 million in MassTrails grants for communities across the commonwealth. This latest round of investment in our trails network will help increase connectivity and help push forward our growing statewide network of shared-use pathways.

    The MassTrails grants awarded to the City of Westfield and the Town of Southampton will move forward the final pieces of the New Haven & Northampton Canal Greenway, an 81-mile multi-use pathway that connects Connecticut and Massachusetts. The City of Westfield received $61,500 towards a feasibility study for the northern terminus of the Columbia Greenway. While the Town of Southampton secured $100k for the purchase of 3.5 miles of inactive railroad corridor to begin filling in the "missing middle" portion of the trail between Easthampton and Westfield. The ability to use Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding for federally rail-banked trail acquisition, which was recently included in the budget passed by Governor Baker, is a huge win for Southampton who can now use both CPA funds and their MassTrails grant to secure the purchase of the rail corridor for their trail.

    Crucial links of the Mass Central Rail Trail (MCRT), a 104-mile trail connecting Northampton to Boston, received funding thanks to MassTrails grants awarded to the East Quabbin Land Trust and the Town of Belchertown. The East Quabbin Land Trust received $200k for the construction of the MCRT trail section through Ware and Hardwick. The Town of Belchertown’s $33,066 grant will help fund the design of Phase II of their Belchertown Greenway-MCRT segment.

    On the Cape, the town of Sandwich received a $155k to fund the project development of an important connection from Route 130 to the Cape Cod Canal path. This connection would improve the trail connectivity along the Cape, making it easier for residents and visitors alike to take advantage of the beautiful trail network.

    Out in the Berkshires, Pittsfield received $133,600 for the design of a southern extension of the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail and North Adams received $240k towards the development of the North Adams Adventure Trail which would connect the northern section of the Ashuwillticook to the Williamstown Bike Path. Advocates in the Berkshires have been working on a connected pathway from Connecticut to Vermont for over 20 years; these two trail sections will help bring them closer to their goal of a safe cycling route through the Berkshires. 

    These projects are just a small sampling of the trails that received funding from the latest MassTrails grant round. You can check out the entire list of awardees on the MassTrails Grants site and learn more about the program. This investment in our trails network is a big win and the MassTrails team has been working hard to help assist the growth of trails across Massachusetts. Their recent Mass Central Rail Trail Feasibility Study and Shared Use Paths Impact Study have provided advocates across the state with the data needed to help fill in network gaps and fight for more trails.

  • August Bike Challenge - Bike for a Better World

    Join MassBike in biking for a better world this August by highlighting your favorite ride that fundraiser for or draws attention to causes that help improve our world. While bicycles improve our lives on a daily basis, riders across the commonwealth often join rides to fundraise for important causes that help improve our world. Whether the ride is drawing attention to important causes that improve our worldfunding life-saving research, helping to end hunger, or preserving our natural environment, they all help to make the world a better place through bicycling.

    In 2020, many of these important rides were put on hiatus, and we want to give them some love and lift up all the important causes bicyclists across Massachusetts are riding for.

    How to Participate:

    • Share a photo from your favorite charity ride, ride for an important cause, or from a training ride & tell us how the event enables you to ride for a better world!
    • Either tag @MassBike in your ride for a better world post on social media or email us a photo and sentence about how you ride for a better world to [email protected] to be featured on the Bay State Bike Month website.
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