How biking shaped my life today

My name is Kyle fox I grew up in a small town in shrewsbury mass near the city of Worcester. I've been biking since the age of 3 but started flatland biking when I was 10. ive gotten into biking when a couple of my friends had bikes and I decided to go out and buy one but this was at the time where I had no good hobbies that's made me happy. When I went out to buy my first bike at the age of 3 I got a Kent, don't know the model last name of the bike and rode with training wheels for about 2 weeks before I took them off. As time passed by the age to 7 I got a mongoose fire red bike from Walmart which I thought was the coolest bike I could get at the time. I mostly cruised around about 10 miles from my house all the time and my dad would yell at me when I got home from being out to late. parents divorced by 2007 and that's when biking started to become more of a cure from problems in my life. When I was about 14 years old I bought my first haro 200.1 bmx bike from a bike shop called fritz in Worcester mass. I started doing wheelies for simple tricks and 180s on flat ground and got better and better as time progressed. Later at 15 years old I found a skatepark next to green  hill park and decided to try out 180s out the bowl and rolling around trying to gain speed around the bowl. The park had 2 bowls, 3 boxes, 2 hips and 1 grinding rail in the middle between the 2 boxes. I started to ride everyday more often and met new friends over time from biking there. At around 16 years old I started to try harder and harder tricks including the peg manny bar to a foot plant 180 half cab. When I was about 17 years old I learned my first 360 turn down out the bowl and double bar manny also a couple spins on the peg about 3 times. To my age now 18 I learned tons of flatland tricks including the turbine, peg manny bar, 360, 180, nose peg manual, seat manual, wheelie, jumps, rocket whips and many more. The reason why it changed my life Was because it kept me out of trouble, depression and hating everything. My parents divorcing, being bullied at Assabet high school and had to switch to shrewsbury, dealing with family and much more. But the only thing that kept me sane and happy was the hobby biking. I've thought to put biking into a career for myself instead of having to go to colledge and being in debt for a job that I'll hate later in life even if I was paid 100,000+ for the job. Over the recent I've been noticed and put on #newenglandbikelife in Boston and noticed in New York from my recent videos, also my hometown Worcester. My next planned trip is to Europe for the amateur division flatland championship In the future. This is my story 👍🏼 Instagram is (kylefox228) see my bmx vids if you want.  

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