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    You will receive an email from us shortly with a receipt that you can use for tax deductible purposes. All of us at MassBike appreciate your support and passion for bicycling.

    Membership Cards:

    Part of our mission in promoting bicycling is to reduce emissions and help reduce our footprint. Keeping true to our mission MassBike is making an effort to go green! If you want to print your membership card at home, you can! If you don't need one, save a piece of paper. 

    Click here to print your membership card at home. It will include your membership number and expiration date.

    Thank you for supporting MassBike!

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    A new and improved resources section is coming soon!

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    Patron Renewal

    Supporting MassBike with a year long membership will ensure that our statewide work will continue. The impact we have in communities across the state grows each year and with your help Massachusetts can be the number one state for bicycling.


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    Ride Partner Program

    MassBike’s Ride Partner Program provides an opportunity for rides to reach potential riders while helping MassBike achieve its goal of increasing bicycle ridership in Massachusetts.

    Sign Up

    If you are interested in signing up for the Ride Partner Program or to review further details, please download our 2018 Ride Partner Agreement form (PDF). Complete the form and email it to to get started! If you are interested in a premier ride, please contact us directly at as this program is currently subject to change.

    Download Ride Partner Outline (PDF)


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    What We Do

    The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (MassBike) promotes a bicycle-friendly environment and encourages bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation.

    But what does that really mean?

    We work statewide to help improve conditions for all bicyclists focusing on the six E’s of bicycle advocacy: engineering, encouragement, enforcement, evaluation, equity, and education. We work through a number of programs and initiatives to support every community, age group, interest level, and type of bicyclist. Some of those items include...

    Education - We work to educate bicyclists through a partnership with Safe Routes to School as well as our own, home grown classes for children and adults to educate riders about safe cycling. We also work with drivers, law enforcement, city officials, the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and other groups.

    Legislation - MassBike always continues to improve the laws on the books that impact bicyclists, particularly as the engineering of our roadways, paths, and trails, continues to evolve. We want to ensure that as the landscape for transportation in our state changes that bicyclists are included in the larger vision of how we expect all roadway users to behave. We work with lawmakers to write and pass bicycle friendly bills each legislative session. We also work on a federal level, at times, with our partners the League of American Bicyclists, on larger issues that will impact bicyclists here at home.

    Connectivity - This work front functions on two levels, as we work to connect the physical landscape for bicyclists through assisting with engineering and design but also connecting bicyclists to each other through events and social gatherings.

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    Get Involved

    How you can help:

    Become a Member


    Shop with AmazonSmile - Select MassBike as your charitable organization on AmazonSmile and a percentage of all your purchases comes to us at no extra cost to you!

    Make a gift of goods or services - we welcome non-cash gifts! If you are interested please send an email to, and we will work with you to determine whether your idea will be of use and to help you with the necessary paperwork.

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    Join MassBike

    Since 1977, MassBike has relied on the generous contributions of its members to work towards a more bicycle friendly Commonwealth. The more MassBike membership grows, the louder our collective voice can become to create solutions for the traffic, health, and environmental challenges.  We can't do it alone and depend on your support.


    What does membership in MassBike mean?



    Supporting MassBike with a year long membership will ensure that our statewide work will continue. The impact we have in communities across the state grows each year and with your help Massachusetts can be the number one state for bicycling.


    MassBike will keep you informed through emails, social media, and events as to what is going on in your community.


    When you join MassBike, you are alongside a diverse network of over 3000 members who seek to improve our roads and paths. Through events and volunteer opportunities, you'll be connected with this exciting group.


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