The New Bicycle Commuter Benefit: What Does It Mean For You?

October 07, 2009
We've received many questions about the new benefit for bicycle commuters that Congress included in the financial industry bailout bill. The bottom line is that bicycle commuters nationwide are now eligible to receive up to $20 per month for commuting expenses, either as a cash reimbursement or a pre-tax deduction, and their employers can obtain a tax benefit for participating in the program. The League of American Bicyclists has provided guidance on exactly what this means for you and your employer.

Click here for current guidance on the bike commuter benefit
Click here to see the actual text of the new law
Click here for Congressman Blumenauer's (the bill's author) explanation of the bill

MassBike member Bill Schwab, an Employee Benefits professional, has generously offered to assist Massachusetts bicyclists to explain the new benefit to their employers and formalize the plan (free-of-charge!). If interested, contact Bill directly:

William H. Schwab, CLU
Mount Vernon Insurance Agency, Inc.
50 Cross Street
Winchester , MA 01890
781-729-3787 FAX

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MassBike Spin Series Presents: Boston Tweed Ride

October 05, 2009
The tweed ride was a rousing success, many finely dressed Lords and Ladies showed up for a day or riding, tea sipping, games and prizes. Many a "ello govnah" and "Huzzah!" were uttered as we made our way about town in our finery, see some pictures below for a good idea of the fun times had. (more pictures here, and here)

[gallery link="file"]

The MassBike spins series are rides organized by other orginizations but presented through MassBike. This allows MassBike (we are small but feisty) to present all these great rides, and other orginizations to get the publicity (on our website, and our email list). It also allows the rides to get liability insurance free of charge. To include your ride in our spins series you have to do a couple of things. You have to call your ride "MassBike Spins Series Presents: Name of your ride here." The people in the ride have to wear helmets. You have to give a short pitch for MassBike at the start of the ride. The ride must not cost money, and finally you have to have participants sign a waiver (we provide this to you). If you have a ride you want to put into the series contact us. We also have charity ride partnerships for rides that do cost money. If you run a fundraising ride that you would like us to promote we can do that as well. again contact us for details.
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MassBike In Boston Magazine

October 01, 2009
Executive Director David Watson was quoted in the recent issue of Boston Magazine!

Just one problem with Menino's mission: There aren't enough places to park our bikes”not nearly enough. According to David Watson, executive director of the nonprofit MassBike, that shortage is one of the biggest factors deterring people from riding more. Bicycles are not inexpensive, and with theft an ever-present concern, people know they can't dock their ride just anywhere. (Boston magazine world headquarters is located on the relatively genteel Christian Science Plaza, and if the beneficent pooh-bahs here didn't let me roll my bike inside the office for safekeeping, I'm not so sure I'd pedal in every day.)
"People don't want to lock their bikes to trees and fences and parking meters. They don't feel good about it," Watson says. "You could build bike lanes everywhere, but if you don't have sufficient bike parking where people want it, then they're still not going to ride."

Check our the rest of the article here.

If you want to get in touch with MassBike for your news organization or magazine contact us here.
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MassBike's Weekend Adventures

September 30, 2009
Wow! Were we busy this last weekend.

Friday we provided high quality valet bike parking for Bikes Not Bombs 25th anniversary fundraiser.

(these great images provided by Sheryl Lanzel (617) 756-8930 be sure to check out her site)

If you would like to have our high quality bicycle valet service at your event contact us.

Saturday we had a booth at the Mayor Cup Pro Race. It was a great time, check out the video below, wow were they fast!

Congratulations to Boston and to Boston Bicycle Coordinator Nicole Freedman on such an amazing event!

Sunday we braved the rain along with other intrepid cyclists to ride and table at Hub On Wheels. The hardy members of Team MassBike rode in this annual event to support MassBike and Technology Goes Home.

If you enjoy the many great things that MassBike does you can support us, become a member, your support keeps us going!
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Executive Director Speaks At Bike Cage Opening

September 29, 2009
[caption id="attachment_268" align="alignright" width="215" caption="Celebrating the unveiling of the T's first bike cage in Boston, Transportation Secretary James Aloisi cuts a ribbon with (from left to right) Livable Streets Alliance Director Steve Miller, BRA Director of Bicycle Program Nicole Freedman, MassBike Executive Director David Watson, Secretary Aloisi, and Acting MBTA General Manager William Mitchell."][/caption]

MassBike Executive Director David Watson spoke at this morning's press conference officially opening the new bike cage at the Forest Hills MBTA Station. MassBike has been working closely with the T and other advocates expanding access to public transportation for bicyclists, and this is the latest in a string of improvements. The new secure bike parking facility holds 100 bikes. Forest Hills is the first station in Boston to get one, following last year's launch of the bike cages at Alewife Station in Cambridge. The T also announced that it has received $4.8 million in federal stimulus funds to expand bike parking throughout the MBTA system, including more bike cages at locations to be announced. "The T is moving from merely accommodating bikes to embracing bicycling as an integral part of the transportation system," said Watson. "Adding secure bike parking will encourage people who live a little further than comfortable walking distance to the station to ride their bikes instead of driving. This morning, I rode my bike two miles to Alewife Station, then took the T to get here - I want everyone to be able to do that."

Read more about this here and here.
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MassBike On NPR Talking About Bike Safety

September 29, 2009
[caption id="attachment_260" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Shane Jordan, left, education director for MassBike, talks to a participant at a recent bicycling workshop he conducted at Suffolk University. (Sacha Pfeiffer/WBUR)"][/caption]We made it on NPR last week talking about bicycle safety. Click here to listen. The talk that WBUR came to listen to was one of our Commuter Workshops.

Our Commuter Workshops are a fast paced one hour lunch time talk that companies, schools, and other groups request. They cover everything you will need to know to get started commuting, including bike choice, clothing choice, gear choice, route planning, rules of the road, how to look professional, and a whole host of other good stuff. We even have a winter version for you intrepid riders who want to learn how to commute year round. Check out more about commuter workshops here. If you would like to request a commuter workshop use our handy new contact form here.
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Welcome To The New MassBike Website!

September 23, 2009
MassBike has been around for over 30 years, and our previous website was almost as old (while our previous website was good when it was built it is now about 1000 in internet years), so we are sprucing things up around here, adding things like comments, rss feeds, google calendars, blogs, twitter, facebook, and a whole lot more!

Please pardon our chain grease while we move the content from our old website. You may notice that some links still lead back to the old website, we left them in on purpose, over the next couple of days we will be moving all that information over bit by bit and updating it to make sure it is the most up to date and useful information.

If you are looking for something on the old website click here to go to the old interface. If you need immediate help call our office at 617-542-BIKE (2453)

Let us know what you think of the new website here. We are still working out the kinks but if you find something very broken be sure to let us know that as well.
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