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December 11, 2009

Dear MassBike Supporter:
Picture this: youre riding toward an intersection with a four-way stop. You slow and check for traffic and plan to go straight across.

A car horn blares far behind you. Since you're concentrating on the intersection, you don't look back. Besides, you think the horn wasn't intended for you. A second later, the horn blares again, only louder, longer and closer! You put your foot down at the stop line, suddenly aware of an SUV with its right mirror coming close to your left elbow.

You scramble to your right and look at the driver, holding both hands upward and mouth the word, WHAT!? He makes an obscene gesture at you and shouts, Get off the road!  He darts through the intersection without coming to a stop.

This story is not fiction. It's real and it happens too often, sometimes with tragic endings. MassBike wants to make sure these stories have good endings. With your help, we will.

Roads are something we all must share, regardless of whether we are on foot, on a bike, or in a big metal box. But Share the Road messages are confusing “ some motorists believe that Share the Road means bikes need to get out of their way. Worse still, in the community where our story took place, the police department instructs bicyclists to pull over for cars. Sharing should be simple, not confusing.

Sharing is something we're supposed to learn as kids “ sharing our toys, our candy, and respect for each other. Sharing leads to an even more powerful concept “ equality. So, what is MassBike doing to change sharing into equality?

Our new campaign Same Roads, Same Rules has a simple message: whether you're on a bike or in a car, it's all the same “ we all have a right to the same roads, and the same rules apply. When we all follow the same rules, an interesting thing happens “ we get the same respect.  We're not different because were bicyclists or motorists, we're the same, because we are people with equal rights.

Creating the Same Roads, Same Rules website is just the beginning of sharing this vital message. We need your help “ in two ways. First, please share Same Roads, Same Rules with everyone you know. Sharing Same Roads, Same Rules with your family and friends is easy with our new web tools “ just visit and click Share This.

Second, please make a gift to MassBike, so we can share the Same Roads, Same Rules message with a wider audience. We're pursuing matching grants to launch a Same Roads, Same Rules media campaign “ but we need your donation to qualify for the matching funds.

Your gift helps MassBike help all bicyclists in Massachusetts. With your help, we got the Bicyclist Safety Law passed this year. That marked a major turning point for MassBike “ in a very positive direction! Since then, we've been busy advocating for changes in Massachusetts to give bicyclists an equal footing.

Here's a sample of how we have been leading the charge:

Transportation reform - What started as an effort to assure that the Commonwealth spend federal Transportation Enhancements money on the bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure for which it was intended has given MassBike unprecedented access to influence policy in the new Mass DOT.

Expansion of Safe Routes to School “ MassBike's new train-the-trainer program will enable teachers to provide ongoing bicycle education, helping us reach more children with our bicycle education and safety program.

Expansion of Bikes on the T “ We celebrated the opening of the new bike cage at Forest Hills. And the MBTA has sought MassBike's opinion on the locations for additional bike cages, as well as improved bicycle parking throughout the T system!

Rumble Strip Policy “ A MassBike member alerted us to dangerous new rumble strips on Route 7 in Western Massachusetts. We worked with MassHighway to develop a new statewide rumble strip policy that is less dangerous to bicyclists.

How does MassBike get all of these things done? We engage the right people in a conversation. When people have a conversation, they learn they are not different, but really are the same. We will continue having those conversations to make sure that equality for bicyclists becomes reality.

Help us share the message of Same Roads, Same Rules with all road users by making a tax-deductible gift today. With your help, we'll even reach that guy in the SUV.

John Siemiatkoski
President, Board of Directors

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MassBike's Annual Meeting Recap

December 11, 2009
For those of you who couldn't make it to our Annual Meeting, you missed a really good time. For those of you who braved the bad weather - thank you so much! It is the support of people like you that makes us able to do all the things we do.

First off, our apologies: due to technical difficultly we were unable to show the amazing short film "The Impossible Journey" by John Bonner, but thanks to the magic of the Internet you can watch it below.

The Impossible Journey from John Bonner on Vimeo.

Recap of many of the major accomplishments we had in 2009, and some of the great things we are planning for 2010.

Top 2009 Accomplishments:

  • January: Bicyclist Safety Act signed into law

  • January: Completed a study of bikeability in five Boston neighborhoods

  • February: Launched new MassBike Calendar using Google Calendar, featuring public meetings statewide, part of our new focus on public engagement

  • March: Organized and led the MA delegation to the National Bike Summit

  • May: Played leading role in promoting Bay State Bike Week and National Bike Month

  • May: Cape Cod and Islands Chapter held first Cape Cod Bicycle Forum

  • August: Helped MassHighway draft new statewide rumble strip policy that is more bike-friendly

  • August-September: Conducted online Safety Survey of almost 1800 bicyclists and motorists

  • Spring-Summer: Ran Pump & Lube Stations to encourage bicycle commuting

  • September: Forest Hills bike cage opened (with other advocates and the T) and the T removed the last restriction on folding bikes

  • September: Replaced our popular but aging website: blogging, Facebook, and Twitter to reach more people more effectively

  • October-present and beyond: Joined transportation reform advisory committee and opened new lines of communication with MassDOT

  • November: Pioneer Valley Chapter got bike racks on last 29 PVTA buses, now 100% rack-equipped

  • December: Launched Same Roads Same Rules campaign (download spoke cards here)

All Year: Continued statewide advocacy efforts on MABPAB, Trails and Greenways Task Force, SRTS Task Force, and project-specific advocacy delivering testimony and written comments

All Year: Taught bicycling skills and safety classes to 3020 people, including adult classes, commuter workshops, and Safe Routes to School

All Year: Valet parked over 500 bicycles at events to encourage bicycle transportation

All Year: Expanded MassBike Spins Ride Series to 27 rides

Plans for 2010:

Legislation: Vulnerable Road Users Bill, which would increase penalties for motorists who injure or kill bicyclists, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users. It would also make it easier to prosecute those motorists.

Policy: Strengthen partnership with MassDOT and the transportation reform effort, particularly Office of Transportation Planning and Healthy Transportation Compact

Education: Major spring push on Same Roads, Same Rules campaign

Education: Safe Routes to School Train-the-Trainer program, to make the program more sustainable in schools

Education: Expanded Safe Routes to School with new MassBike instructors so that we can reach more schools

Education: Expanded adult programs with new League Cycling Instructors

Education: Revise police training to teach police about the new Bicyclist Safety Law

Infrastructure: Campaign to relax MBTA peak hour restrictions for bicycles

Infrastructure: Campaign for more MBTA bike cages and bike parking

Capacity Building: Membership growth, Volunteer/Public Engagement across the board

We had a fantastic year in 2009, and are ramping up for an even better one in 2010. Thank you once again for all your support and we hope you stick with us for the great year ahead. Happy holidays, and happy riding.

Also in case you wondered, Shane is the fastest MassBike staff person on the rollers. If you need proof, see below.

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Help Build a Better Bicycling Community This Season: Join or Give a Membership to MassBike!

December 10, 2009
As a bike rider, you may have noticed that your morning commute or weekend ride is getting a little crowded. More bicyclists are taking to roads and paths, and even as the weather gets colder, routes across Massachusetts are still packed with people on bikes. With more bike riders out there, it’s more important than ever to know that someone is looking out for bicyclists just like you.

Read more about how you can help build a better bicycling community in Massachusetts

MassBike, the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition, has been the voice for bike riders in Massachusetts for over 30 years. Every day, MassBike works to make your ride better. From the State House, to the classroom, to the roads of your commute or ride, we are working to make sure that you and other bicyclists are a priority.

We want to make 2010 a big year for bicycling and we need your help to do it! MassBike relies on membership to make our advocacy effective. Our membership gives us our political clout, shapes the bicycling community, and funds our campaigns. We’re asking you to join or help a friend to join MassBike today to be a part of making bicycling better in Massachusetts.

With the help of our members, here is what MassBike accomplished in 2009:

• Led the campaign for the passage of the Bicycle Safety Bill, which made 13 important changes to the law, making Massachusetts a safer place to bicycle.

• Launched our new safety campaign, Same Road, Same Rules, designed to educate both motorists and bicyclists about the rules of the road and bicyclists’ rights.

• Taught over 2,600 youth and 400 adults about how to safely ride a bicycle through our Safe Routes to Schools and adult education programs.

• Surveyed almost 1,800 road users to determine bicyclists’ and motorists’ behaviors and knowledge of bicycle laws.

• Held the first bicycling advocacy forum on Cape Cod through our Cape Cod & Islands Chapter.

• Encouraged more people to ride bikes with the MassBike Spins Ride Series, valet bike parking at events, Pump & Lube Stations, and Bay State Bike Week.

• Worked with the T and other advocates to get bike cages installed at the Forest Hills Station in the metro-Boston area and encouraged the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority to install bike racks on buses, through our Pioneer Valley Chapter.

We are making a difference! By joining or giving a gift membership to MassBike today you can be a part of creating a better bicycling environment. If you aren’t already a MassBike member, joining today will help to make our advocacy possible. If you are a MassBike member, giving a gift membership to another bike rider in your life is a great way to show that you care. And until January 1, 2010, anyone who joins or gives a gift membership will receive a FREE MassBike water bottle!

Join us by clicking one of the following options which will take you straight to our online store:

New Individual Membership

New Dual/Family Membership
Gift Individual Membership
Gift Dual/Family Membership

Or you can call us at the MassBike office at 617-542-2453.

MassBike needs your help to make 2010 a great year for bicycling. Join today and be a part of making a difference!

Don't forget: Membership to MassBike also gets you or your friend great discounts at bike shops across Massachusetts, discounts on car insurance, special membership pricing on classes, and more. Just follow the links above to get or give a membership. And thanks for your support!
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MassBike To Provide Valet Bicycle Service For Boston Bikes Report

December 09, 2009

MassBike will be providing our high quality bicycle valet service at this years Boston Bikes report. We even have sweet signs! Come hear the City of Boston give its second annual bike report, and get your bicycle parked by the classy folks here at MassBike. Parking is free, but if you would like to make a small $2 donation we wouldn't say no.
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MassBike's Annual Public Meeting Still On Tonight!

December 09, 2009
The weather may not be the nicest this morning, but don't let that stop you from coming to MassBike's Annual Public Meeting tonight! The rain/snow/sleet/nastiness should clear up by this evening's festivities, going on from 6-9 at Coogan's Pub in downtown Boston.

David Watson, MassBike's Executive Director, will give a quick update of all the great things we've been up to this year, followed by Q&A; and some volunteer recognition. Then the rest of the evening is dedicated to fun! We'll watch a short movie and then get down to Roller Sprints. You don't even need you own bike for sprints! There will be beer, free snacks donated by Coogan's and good times. Find out more about tonight's events here!
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MassBike Launches "Same Roads, Same Rules" Campaign

December 04, 2009
In response to the sharp rise in bicycle commuters and recreational bicyclists, MassBike, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Department of Public Health, has launched a new safety campaign to educate both bicyclists and motorists about the role of bicycles on the state's roads. The centerpiece of the Same Road, Same Rules campaign is an educational website at

The Same Roads, Same Rules website focuses on the most important things both motorists and bicyclists need to know about the role of bicycles on the road. Visitors can explore safety tips for bikes or cars, detailed information about state laws, or common myths and misconceptions from both bicyclist and motorist perspectives.

Even though winter is upon us, we want to keep bicycling in the public consciousness year-round. With our agency partners, we will be expanding the reach of the campaign next Spring with a major media blitz, street teams, and more. We encourage everyone to spread the word to all the bikers and drivers they know, and to post comments on the Same Roads, Same Rules website - we may use your ideas to make the campaign even better!
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BroadWay Bicycle School And MassBike Team Up To Offer Commuter Repair Clinic

December 03, 2009
Be ready to protect your bicycle against the ravages of winter, or get it ready to start riding again next spring! Learning how to perform basic repairs on your bicycle is an important part of bicycle commuting. To help you get there, Broadway Bicycle School has teamed up with MassBike to offer some great commuter repair clinics.

Learn the ABC Quick Check, how to change a flat, how to use your barrel adjusters to adjust brakes, and how to determine when the bike needs repairs. These great clinics will also cover how to properly lube your chain and other parts of the bicycle, how to clean your bike and why that is important.

Bring your own bicycle. Learn hands-on how to maintain the bicycle you ride each day.

Class size is limited to 8 people, and classes are expected to fill up fast, so sign up now in order to get the class date you want.

Classes offered:

Each clinic is 2 hours long and from 4-6pm, cost is $30 per 2-hour clinic.

Date has changed! below dates are correct

Jan. 10 (sign up here)
Jan. 17 (sign up here)
Jan. 24 (sign up here)
Jan. 31 (sign up here)

Each class will be at the Broadway Bicycle School, 351 Broadway, in Cambridge.

If you own or operate a bike shop that offers repair classes and would like to team up with MassBike to offer them to our members contact us.
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Join Us For MassBike's Annual Meeting!

December 01, 2009

Beer, Free Snacks, Roller Sprints Racing, Good Times!

This year's Annual Meeting, a fun, open-to-the-public event, will be held at Coogan's Pub in Boston.

Come out and join us Wednesday, December 9th at 6:00-9:00pm. The annual meeting will start at 6pm, with a quick review of our 2009 successes with Executive Director David Watson, followed by Q&A. Learn what MassBike has been up to and hear about our future plans.

Then the real fun starts! You can get a drink from the bar and enjoy some free snacks donated by Coogan's. We will be watching a great short movie "The Impossible Journey" by John Bonner. After you have a drink (or two) and are limbered up, we are going to have Roller Sprints provided by Open Bicycle!

If you have never experienced the fun and excitement of indoor roller racing, now is your chance! Picture two bicycles side by side on rollers (don't worry, they use a fork stand, you don't need to balance), the crowd counts down 3,2,1 and they are off! The first person to pedal 300 meters wins! High drama, loads of fun, and thrilling to watch! Come out, challenge your friends, challenge yourself, or maybe just watch other people go for the win! Bicycles provided so you don't even need to have your bike to race! This is a great time, and something you don't want to miss.

The Details:
What: MassBike Annual Meeting
When: Wednesday December 9th 6pm to 9pm
Where: Coogan's Pub, 171 Milk Street, Boston
Why: Beer, free snacks, good people, Roller Sprints!
Cost: Free (suggested donation to support MassBike $5)
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MassBike Board Of Directors Seek New Members

November 25, 2009
MassBike Board of Directors seek new members

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and strategy of MassBike. The Board meets six times per year and holds an annual planning retreat. Time commitment would between two and five hours per week. Board members are expected to be leaders in MassBike's activities and represent the organization throughout Massachusetts.

We need talented board members to help steward and grow the organization. We are looking for candidates who can help lead fundraising, membership recruitment, and can build the capacity of MassBike.

If you know anyone who can commit time and other resources to help build the capacity of MassBike, please ask them to submit a one-page letter of interest to Board President John Siemiatkoski ([email protected]) that includes the following:

  1. Name and contact info

  2. Why are you interested in serving?

  3. What skills, talents and resources would you bring to the board?

  4. Brief statement of experience:

    1. Fundraising

    2. Membership recruitment

    3. Bicycling advocacy

    4. Non-profit board service

    5. Volunteer service

    6.  MassBike involvement

Qualified candidates will be contacted for additional information and will be provided with additional details.
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How To Fit 90 Bikes In 3 Parking Spots

November 23, 2009
This weekend MassBike parked somewhere just shy of 100 bikes at the International Bike Film Festival! We fit around 70 bicycles at a time, which is none to shabby for just three parking spaces.

It's something for businesses to consider: fitting more customers into a smaller space. Bike valet and on-street bike parking are also a great way to attract bicyclists to your shop or event. Show bicyclists some love and they'll show it right back. Got an event that can use bicycle valet parking? Contact us for more details.

Thanks go out to our fantastic volunteers who did most of the work parking all those bikes! Find out how you can be a bicycle valet or other ways you can volunteer here.
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