Since 1977, MassBike has relied on the generous contributions of its members to work towards a more bicycle friendly Commonwealth for all riders. The more MassBike's membership base grows, the louder our collective voice becomes! Donate now and become a member by choosing one of the options below.

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Looking for a way for your business or organization to get involved? Consider a business membership with MassBike! In addition to the support of our individual members, MassBike relies on the generous contributions from our partner organizations. Interested in becoming a business member? Email us at for more information.

$100 or More Gets a MassBike Buff!

Helmets aren't the only piece of safety gear we recommend these days. With your donation of $100 or more we'll offer to send you a MassBike Buff (while supplies last), perfect as a face covering when riding out during the coronavirus pandemic. It's an easy way to keep covered and represent your pride for bicycle advocacy!

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