Support MassBike

Since 1977, MassBike has relied on the generous contributions of its members to work towards a more bicycle friendly Commonwealth. The more MassBike membership grows, the louder our collective voice can become to create solutions for the traffic, health, and environmental challenges.  We can't do it alone and depend on your support.

What does membership in MassBike mean? 


Supporting MassBike with a year long membership will ensure that our statewide work will continue. The impact we have in communities across the state grows each year and with your help Massachusetts can be the number one state for bicycling.


MassBike will keep you informed through emails, social media, and events as to what is going on in your community.


When you join MassBike, you are alongside a diverse network of over 3000 members who seek to improve our roads and paths. Through events and volunteer opportunities, you'll be connected with this exciting group.


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