Beacon Hill Shows Early Support for ‘Omni-bike’ Bill

February 08, 2017

Beacon Hill Shows Early Support for ‘Omni-bike’ Bill 
Co-sponsors Line Up to Back ‘An Act to reduce traffic fatalities’

Lawmakers at the Massachusetts State House showed strong early support for a massive transportation safety bill that includes several provisions to improve conditions for bicycle riders. As the deadline for bill co-sponsors passed Friday Feb. 3, 73 lawmakers had signed on as sponsors of the House bill; another 38 had sponsored the Senate version.

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Bike Lane Protection Bill Signed into Law!

January 16, 2017

After a lengthy process that went up against the last possible moment on Friday, the Bike Lane Protection Bill was signed into law by Governor Baker!

Thanks to the support of our members, the efforts of groups like Livable Streets Alliance and the Boston Cyclists Union, and the hard work of key legislators like Senator William Brownsberger and Representative Dave Rogers we are able to celebrate this victory! MassBike filed this piece of legislation and we could not be more thrilled about this success.

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Bike Lane Bill arrives on Governor Charlie Baker's Desk

January 04, 2017

After many months of hard work and support from Senator William Brownsberger and other key bike friendly legislators, the Bike Lane Protection Bill has moved forward and is now on Governor Baker's desk!

In a flurry of activity on the last day of the legislative session, Beacon Hill lawmakers sent several pieces of legislation through that had remained stalled due to elections and holidays. Included in this last minute activity was H.3072/S.2534 the Bike Lane Protection Bill. 

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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

December 30, 2016 Add your reaction Share

You did it! We DOUBLED our fundraising goal!

November 30, 2016

We are stunned, overwhelmed, and brimming with gratitude.

You not only helped us reach our $5000 #GivingTuesday goal, but you sent it through the roof!

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What will your Giving Tuesday gift support?

November 29, 2016

We are asking for your help on this #GivingTuesday. What will your gift support?


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Support MassBike on Giving Tuesday

November 28, 2016

You've feasted with friends and family. You've shopped. Now it's time to give back. #GivingTuesday is here!

We need your help to make 2016 a banner year for bikes in Massachusetts. We are hoping to raise $5000 this #GivingTuesday. Your support will go directly into the programs and initiatives that will make your town a safer and more enjoyable place to bike.

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Caron Whitaker to speak at Bike Advocacy Boot Camp

November 10, 2016

What does the Trump Election Mean for Bikes?

LAB’s Expert Caron Whitaker Explains at Advocacy Boot Camp

With the ballots cast for both the United States Executive and Legislative elections, bike advocates will study the results to determine the direction of Federal bicycle policy.

With the election of Donald Trump and the GOP in control of both houses of Congress questions arise over transportation policy with regards to bicycles. Can there be a silver lining?

The person who studies this the most in Washington DC is Caron Whitaker, vice president of government relations for the League of American Bicyclists, will make one of her first public speeches on the matter at MassBike’s Advocacy Boot Camp to be held Dec. 17 in Watertown.

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Route 107

October 17, 2016

MassBike, in collaboration with Livable Streets Alliance and Walk Boston, has presented several recommendations to MassDOT for the overhaul of the Route 107 between Salem and Lynn. Please read the joint letter below for more information and to find out what you can do to help.

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Strange Bedfellows: Freight and Bikes - How the Porter Square Tragedy Can Spark Real Change

October 11, 2016

Last Wednesday morning’s tragedy in Porter Square that killed 60-year-old Dr. Bernard “Joe” Lavins of Lexington had a unique component. The door on the cab of the truck showed the name of the company.

MassBike contacted Mitlitsky Eggs, a Connecticut based firm founded in 1964, for comments and information.

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