Healthy Food and Fitness at the DSNI Playway

August 02, 2014
On Saturday, July 26th, MassBike worked with the Dudley Square Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) to help put on a playway event on Moreland Street and Winthrop Street in Dudley Square.

Playways are temporary street closures in which the street is blocked for cars to traverse and inhibits the reclamation of streets for people and play. At DSNI's playway, the focus was on promoting healthy foods and fitness through yoga demonstrations, a bike rodeo, ball playing, and tug-of-war. DSNI youth took charge of managing informational tables focused on gardening, healthy food choices, and neighborhood development. Healthy foods were generously donated by Kind Snacks, Harvest Co-op, Equal Exchange, and Iggy's Bread of the World. Art supplies were donated by Artist & Craftsman.

MassBike would like to thank Bikes Not Bombs, Boston Bikes, and Mary Thomas of Wild Seed Yoga for participating in the playway event.
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Bike to the Ballpark Is a Home Run

August 01, 2014

[caption id="attachment_22834" align="alignleft" width="283"] Free Valet Bike Parking at Saturday and Sunday Home Games[/caption]

Did you park your bike with us at Fenway Park on July 19th or July 20th? If so you were one of the many who took advantage of the free Valet Bicycle Parking for Bike to the Ballpark. The launch of this program was a big hit, and we are extremely pleased to announce that MassBike is continuing to partner with the Boston Red Sox through our Valet Bicycle Parking service for #biketotheballpark.

Now through September, every Saturday and Sunday home game will offer this convenient, free way to arrive at the ballpark. Coast in, hand your bike to one of our trained staff, and enjoy some baseball. When you are done cheering on the Sox, come back, claim your bike, and ride away.

If you have tickets for this weekend’s August 2nd or August 3rd game, ride your bike and avoid the expensive parking lot down the road. After all, not only is it free to park your bike with us, the Valet Bicycle Parking offers the closest parking to Fenway during a game. In other words, if you Bike to the Ballpark this weekend, you can get the best parking and it costs nothing.

The MassBike free Valet Bicycle Parking is located by Gate D, at the corner of Yawkey Way and Van Ness Street. It is best to approach Fenway Park on your bike from the Boylston Street side of Fenway.

For any questions about Valet Bicycle Parking, please contact or call 617-542-2453 (BIKE).

We’ll see you at the game!

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Action Alert: Help Move Bill Before Legislative Session Ends!

July 30, 2014
We have a chance to move the bike lane protection bill forward this week!

One of the bills we filed in the Massachusetts Legislature in January 2013 has a chance to move forward, but we need your help before midnight Thursday.

The Act To Protect Bicyclists In Bicycle Lanes (S 1640) protects bicyclists by prohibiting motor vehicle operators from parking in on-street paths or lanes designated by official signs or markings for the use of bicycles, or placing the vehicle in such a manner as to interfere with the safety and passage of bicyclists. Motorists frequently endanger bicyclists by parking in bicycle lanes, forcing bicyclists to merge into traffic. There is currently no applicable state law, and some communities are passing local ordinances that will result in inconsistent rules and enforcement unless statewide action is taken. (Click here for the full text of the bill.)

This is not a theoretical problem - we all encounter it every day on roads across Massachusetts. Just this week, we heard about a bicyclist being attacked by a motorist after complaining that he was parked in a bike lane.

The bill was reported favorably by the Joint Committee on Transportation, and has been sent to the Senate Ways and Means Committee. We want to get it out of Ways and Means this week!

It would significantly  increase the chances of passing the bill this year if we can get it approved by Ways and Means before the formal session ends on Thursday.

We need you to do the following TODAY or TOMORROW:

  1. Call or email your State Senator ask that he or she ask Senator Stephen Brewer, chair of Ways and Means,  to approve S 1640.

  2. If your Senator is one of the sponsors of the bill or is on the Ways and Means Committee, it is especially important that you contact them:

  3. Sponsors:

    William N. Brownsberger
    Sonia Chang-Diaz
    Kenneth J. Donnelly
    James B. Eldridge
    Patricia D. Jehlen

    Committee Members:

    Stephen M. Brewer, Chair
    Jennifer L. Flanagan, Vice Chair
    Sal N. DiDomenico, Assistant Vice Chair
    Gale D. Candaras
    Eileen M. Donoghue
    Benjamin B. Downing
    Patricia D. Jehlen
    Brian A. Joyce
    Thomas P. Kennedy
    Thomas M. McGee
    Michael O. Moore
    Marc R. Pacheco
    Anthony W. Petruccelli
    Michael F. Rush
    James E. Timilty
    Richard J. Ross
    Donald F. Humason, Jr.

  4. CC on your emails, or send us a message telling us who you contacted.

  5. Share this Action Alert with your friends!

Don't know who your State Senator is? Find out here.

We're sorry to report that the other bill we filed in this session,  the Act To Protect Vulnerable Road Users (S 1639) would have added legal protection for bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair users, and other vulnerable users of the road. Unfortunately, that bill was "sent to study" by the Joint Committee on Transportation, which means it is effectively dead for this session. A new legislative session begins in January, and we will decide whether to refile the bill or take other action at that time.
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Same-Day Registration Available for BikeMass - You Can Still Ride!

July 25, 2014
No need to worry if you missed online pre-registration for this Saturday's BikeMass event.

You can register for all of the rides at NARA Park in Acton the day of the event, beginning 1 hour before the start time for each ride.

$85 (100 miles), $70 (62 miles), $55 (30 miles) - all rides include great rest stops, on-road support, Redbones, and Harpoon.

It's going to be a beautiful day, and we want to share it with everyone, so we are not charging extra for day-of registration!

All proceeds help MassBike make bicycling better across Massachusetts!

Click here for more details.

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BikeMass Online Registration Ends At Midnight!

July 24, 2014
Advance registration for BikeMass ends tonight at midnight! Register Now

Day-of-event registration will be available at NARA Park beginning 1 hour before the start of each ride. There is a $10 surcharge for day-of registration.

The weather looks good, so why wait?

Register today, save $10, and reserve your spot for a ride, Redbones, and Harpoon!
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Volunteer for Fenway Park Bike Valet #biketotheballpark

July 15, 2014

This coming Saturday and Sunday, the Boston Red Sox and MassBike will be launching a pilot bike valet parking service at Fenway Park.

Bike Valet is volunteer powered, and we are seeking volunteers who want to help make sure the pilot weekend of Fenway Park Bike Valet is a huge success. Duties will include helping with setup/breakdown, parking and retrieving bikes, and ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for users.

We need help at the following times:

Saturday, July 19
Full Shift (4 - 11:45 pm)
Shift 1 - Setup & Opening (4 - 7:30 pm) FULL
Shift 2 - Middle (7:30 - 10 pm)
Shift 3 - Closing & Takedown (10 - 11:45 pm)

Sunday, July 20
Full Shift (10 am - 6:15 pm)
Shift 1 - Setup & Opening (10 am - 2 pm)
Shift 2 - Middle (2 - 4:30 pm)
Shift 3 - Closing & Takedown (4:30 - 6:15 pm)

Can you help out? Please email and indicate which shift(s) you are interested in.

During your shift, you'll have the chance to take a break. No previous Bike Valet experience necessary - we will train you. Full shifts are preferred, but if you can only help out for a portion of the time, we can accommodate that.

Volunteers make up a huge part of our success, so we want to make volunteering with us even better. Anyone who volunteers ten hours of their time will automatically earn a MassBike membership.
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Boston Red Sox and MassBike Announce Fenway Park Bike Valet

July 15, 2014
[caption id="attachment_22780" align="alignleft" width="300"] Bike valet parking pilot program offered for games on Saturday July 19 and Sunday July 20.[/caption]

The Boston Red Sox and MassBike join together to present Fenway Park Bike Valet, a free bicycle valet parking service for ticket holders. The service will be piloted at home games on July 19th and 20th with an eye towards expanding the service to more games in the future. Up to 200 people per game are anticipated to use the bike parking service.

Fenway Park will join a handful of major league teams currently provide bike valet service, including the San Francisco Giants, Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs.

“We’re excited to team up with MassBike to offer this convenient and secure service to our fans,” said Christopher Knight, Manager of Facilities Services & Planning. “We encourage fans to ‘Bike to the Ballpark’ during their next visit to Fenway Park and enjoy the health and environmental benefits of bicycling.”

MassBike will oversee operations for the valet service. They have extensive experience providing bike valet at large events including serving Earthfest which sees 100,000 attendees. MassBike’s system utilizes best-practices from across the country and includes secure parking in a fenced-off area, bike-specific racks, and claim checks to provide a smooth and efficient experience for people to drop off and retrieve their bikes.

"MassBike is thrilled to partner with the Boston Red Sox to encourage more people to ride bikes,” says MassBike Executive Director David Watson. “Biking is the fastest way to get in and out of Fenway at game time, and once people see how fun and easy it is, they are more likely to make bicycling a regular transportation choice.”

The bike valet will be located outside Gate D on the corner of Yawkey Way and Van Ness Street. The service will open two hours prior to game time and close one hour after the game ends. Bike valet parking is free of charge for ticket holders.

For more information on the Fenway Park Bike Valet, contact Christopher Knight, Boston Red Sox at 617-226-6121.

Bike valet will be managed by MassBike staff with help from volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for either day, please email
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Last Chance to Sign Up for Mass BikePike Tour!

July 15, 2014

This Sunday, July 20th is the final day to register for the Mass BikePike Tour!

What tour lets you take in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes while riding at your own pace along the scenic back roads of Massachusetts? What tour welcomes whole families, single riders, and everyone in between to gather around friendly campfires every night? What tour visits beer-brewing monks, giant chairs, and other fun and fanciful attractions?

Don't miss your chance to ride in the Mass BikePike Tour, a 4-day ride on August 7th - 10th. A portion of your rider registration fee will support MassBike!

Register today at

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MassBike is Hiring!

July 10, 2014
MassBike is hiring a temporary part-time Communications Coordinator. Are you enthusiastic about promoting bicycling as a mode of transportation around Massachusetts? Do you have excellent communications skills, especially with social media and blogging? Would you like a flexible working schedule? If so, this opportunity might be right for you!

We want to continue generating excitement and interest in the great work we do to encourage more people to ride bikes in Massachusetts, with the goal of increasing our membership, donors, volunteers, and event participants.

The responsibilities of the Communications Coordinator will include taking primary responsibility for MassBike’s day-to-day social media presence, producing blog posts about our programs and events in consultation with other staff members, producing our bi-weekly email newsletter Quick Release, and promoting MassBike events widely to increase participation.

Please read the full job description and how to apply here.
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Weekly Meetings & Events Roundup

July 09, 2014
Here is your weekly roundup of meetings and events happening around Massachusetts.

Wednesday, July 9

Public Meeting: Lawrence, Union Crossing Pedestrian Improvement Project
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Lawrence Public Library, Main Library, 3rd Fl, 51 Lawrence Street, Lawrence, MA
Description: MassDOT will host this meeting. According to MassDOT, "The proposed project will install pedestrian enhancements, including: new sidewalks, lighting and street trees on Union Street, and a new pedestrian plaza at the northeast corner of Union and Canal Streets, including a new bus shelter." Read more.

Thursday, July 10

Public Meeting: Mattapan, Morton Street Bridge Project
Time: 6:00 - 7:30 PM
Location: Economy Plumbing - Training Room, 875 Morton Street, Mattapan, MA
Description: MassDOT will host this meeting. According to MassDOT, "The purpose of this meeting will be to specifically discuss the 10 day closure of the bridge from August 8th to the 17th."

For more information, please contact John Romano, MassDOT Municipal Liaison at 857-368-8905 or Read more.

Public Meeting: Cambridge, Greenough Boulevard Waterfront Restoration Project
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Shady Hill School, Assembly Hall, 56 Coolidge Avenue, Cambridge, MA
Description: The Department of Conservation and Recreation and The Solomon Foundation will host this follow up meeting to a meeting held in March. The concept of the project envisions a new multi-use path along Greenough Boulevard between the Eliot Bridge in Cambridge and the Arsenal Street Bridge in Watertown, with significant landscaping improvements and riverfront restoration. The Greenough Boulevard roadway would be reduced from its current four lanes to two lanes, with the space reallocated to the multi-use path and parkland.

This is a very exciting opportunity to provide a greatly enhanced environment for all forms of active transportation, and strengthen connections with existing pathways and the regional active transportation network.

You can view the presentation from the March meeting here, and you can view the project website here.

Saturday, July 12

Volunteer: Arlington, Bikeway User Counts
Time: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM - Shifts Available
Location: Kickstand Cafe, Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA
Description: The Town of Arlington will be holding their summertime Bikeway User Counts. These counts of users of the Minuteman Bikeway will take place at the Swan Place entrance to the Bikeway - where KickStand Café is located; counts will run 7 AM to 7 PM on Saturday, July 12.

Arlington town planners are seeking volunteers for this important project; the bikeway user population has doubled in the last two years - and this happens even when counts are in bad weather. So check your calendar and let them know if you can help for an hour or two. No previous experience neccessary.

Simply e-mail or call 781-316-3093 with your name and your preferred time to help with counts.

This year we will try to add a new element to the count: we will separate the bicyclist and jogging populations so that we can count how many are male and how many are female.

PLEASE NOTE: Deadline to sign up for this volunteer opportunity is 5 PM on Tuesday, July 8th.

Looking for meetings and events happening next week or beyond? Check out our Event Calendar.

Have a public meeting or free event you'd like us to list? Email us at and we may be able to include it in our calendar.
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