Winter Membership Drive: Join MassBike And Get Awesome Member Benefits

Joining MassBike and supporting our advocacy efforts to make biking better here in Massachusetts is a great benefit in and of itself. MassBike works hard every day to make a real difference in the lives of bicyclists throughout Massachusetts. We are your voice at the table with state agencies, legislators, regional planning agencies, and our congressional delegation. But did you know that MassBike members get amazing member benefits in addition to joining MassBike? As a MassBike member you have access to a ton of great member benefits including:

  • Discounts at over 40 bike shops across Massachusetts

  • Discounts on MassBike events and rides

  • Discounts from many community business partners like ZipCar

  • Subscription to the bi-monthly MassBike e-newsletter, The Quick Release

  • Up-to-date information on current bicycle advocacy issues and how you can take action on them

And new benefits are coming on board all the time. Most recently became the newest addition to the MassBike member benefits program; they offer MassBike members a 15% discount on all purchases through their online store. Next time you are traveling with your bike, check out to save on your shipping needs.

Join MassBike during our Winter Membership Drive and score all these wonderful member benefits for yourself! For the next five days (December 3rd – December 7th) we are offering our 1 year individual and 1 year family memberships at a discounted rate ($10 off).

To sweeten the deal each new member who joins during the drive will receive a free MassBike water bottle.  Join the movement today - together we can make better bicycling in Massachusetts a reality!

Winter Membership Drive: Join MassBike To Make Bicycling Safer In Your Community

Have you seen a bike lane on your recent commute? New bike parking? Want to see more? Join MassBike today to support better biking across Massachusetts!

Much of what MassBike does day-to-day isn’t terribly visible. It’s attending public meetings and testifying at public hearings, reviewing budget notes and teaching bike safety classes. But it is because we spend the thousands of hours doing this behind-the-scenes advocacy work that biking continues to become a safer, more accessible and practical choice for transportation and recreation. However, we are dependent on the financial support of bicyclists statewide to continue this work. To sustain our advocacy efforts, MassBike is launching a Winter Membership Drive this week, December 3rd-December 7th.

For the next five days we are offering our 1 year individual and 1 year family memberships at a discounted rate ($10 off).

To sweeten the deal each new member who joins during the drive will receive a free MassBike water bottle.  Join the movement today; together we can make better bicycling in Massachusetts a reality!

Winter Membership Drive: Help Us Get More Kids And Adults On Bikes, Join MassBike

Every year, MassBike teaches thousands of children and adults throughout Massachusetts how to safely ride their bikes. With our wide range of bike safety classes, we educate riders of all ages and abilities, but we couldn’t do it without the support of our members.

Help us get more kids and adults on bikes, join MassBike during our Winter Membership Drive.

For the next five days (December 3rd – December 7th) we are offering our 1 year individual and 1 year family memberships at a discounted rate ($10 off).

To sweeten the deal each new member who joins during the drive will receive a free MassBike water bottle.  Join the movement today; together we can make better bicycling in Massachusetts a reality!

Join MassBike During Our Winter Membership Drive And Help Make Your Community More Bikeable

This year has been huge for MassBike's role in local advocacy.

We launched our Bikeable Communities Program, through which we have engaged scores of local advocates to help them make their community better for biking. In Northampton and Boston, we offered the Bikeable Communities Training, a two-part class that goes over the planning process and how to effectively plug into that process. We also have undertaken Bikeability Assessments in Franklin County and the Pioneer Valley, teaching volunteers how to use the audit tool we created and then drafting reports based on the findings. And we are involved in a few planning activities around Massachusetts, helping municipal officials develop strategies for how best to plan for biking.

But we've barely gotten started. Help us expand our bike advocacy trainings and help increase local capacity to improve bicycling conditions across Massachusetts. 

For the next five days (December 3rd – December 7th) we are offering our 1 year individual and 1 year family memberships at a discounted rate ($10 off). Join the movement today; together we can make better bicycling in Massachusetts a reality!

Just In Time For The Holidays Get Your MassBike Jersey

Back by popular demand, we have just made a new run of our MassBike Jersey. You may remember a few months ago when we originally launched these jerseys. They were handmade in Northampton, supported local bicycle advocacy, and were pretty darn good looking to boot.

We're happy to announce that they were such a big hit we decided to order some more. Same great quality, same great cause, and still locally made.

This second run is made possible thanks to Sam Adams (another great local company) graciously stepping up as the official sponsor of our jerseys. These beauties are now available just in time for the holidays in our online store and at the Sam Adams Brewery. All jersey proceeds from our online store go to making the biking safer and more enjoyable here in Massachusetts.  Members save $15 and can pick one up for only $70.

Cyber Monday Madness: MassBike Holiday Sale Starts!

Do you need a gift for that picky cyclist in your family? Or maybe a friend who wants to buy locally-produced apparel that also supports bike advocacy, oh, and looks pretty good, too. Or are you starting to get multiple text messages from your mother to drop some "holiday hints"?

Relax. We've got it covered.

With a large inventory of t-shirts, cycling apparel and accessories we are your one stop shop for all your holiday gift needs.  As a special gift to you we are offering FREE shipping during the holiday season and 10% off maps with promo code HOLIDAY2012, in addition to the deep discount that members already get on all MassBike merchandise.  So check out the MassBike online store and be sure to pick up a water bottle, t-shirt, jersey, or map today!

Another great, tax-deductible gift option for the bike-loving person or family in your life is to purchase a MassBike Gift Membership. Membership costs just $35 and gives the recipient access to tons of special member benefits.

Still not sure what to give, think about giving the best gift of all – a better place for biking. Click here to make a donation to MassBike in honor of the cyclists in your life. Your contribution will help us to keep working hard to make the roads a little friendlier for you and your loved ones.


Advocates Improving Intersections In Hampshire County

[caption id="attachment_19935" align="alignleft" width="300"] Bay Road and West Street in Amherst[/caption]

Last weekend, a dozen volunteers braved the chilly New England Fall weather to work on making intersections in Northampton and Amherst better for bicyclists. Through a partnership with the Hampshire Council of Governments, and thanks to our partnership with Mass in Motion, we were able to come out and train local bicyclists how to use the assessment form, what to think about when assessing the intersections, and the most important things to document. Then we set them loose!

Did you miss the assessment last weekend? Don't worry! We are going to be doing a second round of intersection assessments this coming weekend to hit the spots we couldn't get to. If you would like to help out, send an email to me at The times are listed at the bottom of the page. We'll also be in Belchertown on Monday from 11 - 1, if you have time to help out.

The Pioneer Valley is fortunate to have a MassBike Chapter, whose members serve on numerous local and regional advisory boards. They also have on-the-ground knowledge about the bicyclist experience, and important community connections to round up volunteers for activities just like this. Since June, we have taught both of our Bikeable Communities Trainings, taught Springfield youth on how to do Bikeability Assessments, and begun assisting Holyoke in expanding their bicycle infrastructure.

If you would like to help out this weekend, please do! And bring friends - the more boots (or tires) on the ground, the more intersections we can assess.

Saturday, November 10th
Meet at the Forbes Library

Sunday, November 11th
Meet at the Jones Library

Monday, November 12th
Meet at the Clapp Memorial Library

Raising A New Generation Of Safe Bicyclists In Revere

[caption id="attachment_19930" align="alignleft" width="300"] Instructor Galen Mook teaching proper helmet use.[/caption]

Revere has long been known for its beach (the oldest public beach in the country), but we expect that it will soon be known for the incredibly good bicyclists that populate its streets. Starting this past Monday and running through next Wednesday, MassBike is teaching all the 4th and 5th grade students at Whelan Elementary basic bike safety, including the rules of the road, proper helmet use, and how to stay visible after dark. By the end of next week, we will have reached almost 300 students.

This is coming none too soon. Thanks to our efforts supporting expanded bike access on the Blue Line, it's easier than ever to get into Boston with your bike from the North Shore. Furthermore, Bike to the Sea is making steady progress pushing the Northern Strand Community Trail closer to completion, which will be a major destination on the North Shore for bicyclists of all ages. And with childhood obesity on the rise, getting our kids active is rising to the top of our priority list as a state and nation.

This work complements other efforts being undertaken in Revere and in communities around the state to increase trips made by bicycle. While these classes are supported through our partnership with MassRIDES and WalkBoston's Safe Routes to School Program in Revere, we are looking forward to continued work expanding bicycling opportunities in Revere through our work with Mass in Motion.

Even though we're especially proud of the intensive education we're undertaking in Revere, we also teach in other communities around the state. Just this fall we have been to Danvers and Canton, and are scheduled to teach classes in Framingham and Arlington. If you are interested in getting classes scheduled in a Middle School or Elementary School in your community, contact or give us a call at (617) 542-2453.

Light Up The Night!

With Daylight Savings Time behind us, it getting dark a lot earlier. This means it’s that time again - our annual "Light up the Night" blog post! Even though we put out a riding at night post every year, I don't want you to think that this post is pro-forma.  We write this annual post because being visible matters. A lot.

At the very least, use a front and rear light. Massachusetts law requires that you have a front light and rear reflector, but a rear light is even better. Usually lights come in pairs anyway. When picking out lights for your bike, it is 25% about seeing where you’re going and 75% about being seen by others on the road.

After dark, it’s important to make sure motorists can see you way before they get near you. I usually know to turn my lights on by the street lights coming on. As law states you must light up your bike no later than 30 minutes after sundown.

Lights are too expensive, you say? Well, if you are a MassBike Member, be sure to check out our bike shop partners who will give you a discount on bike gear.

Installing both a front and rear light is a great first step, but why stop there? When you go through an intersection, it’s equally important to be visible from the sides. Here are our suggestions for what else you need to light up the night:

  1. Reflective or lighted ankle straps, or pedal reflectors: Some pedals come with reflectors. While both types of ankle straps do double duty by keeping your pants away from your dirty chain, lighted ones provide more visibility.

  2. Reflective Clothing: Examples include bicycling-specific jackets with day-glo accents and or a construction worker-style vest. Both will provide the necessary sideways visibility with their neon colors and/or reflective striping.

  3. Other Reflective Accessories: Wheel reflectors, reflective tires, and reflective tape and stickers that can go on almost any part of your bicycle are other options, especially if you might forget a vest or jacket at home. There are also great lights that can be added to your spokes or bike frame that are both a bit more fun and eye catching then traditional wheel reflectors.

  4. Reflective, But Fashionable If you're afraid of not being quite chic enough, then not to worry! There is a clear reflective spray paint that they produce that can make anything light up. Also check out some of these more "Cycle Chic" reflective options.

You wouldn't drive a car after dark without lights, so why would you ride a bike that way? Remember, you don't get extra points for being a bike ninja. Be seen and stay safe!

Find Member Benefits Near You On This Cool Map!

Did you know that in addition to making Massachusetts better for biking, MassBike members also get discounts at businesses across the state? We are excited to announce that our member benefits program has been updated with even more exciting discounts for our members!

To help organize all the discounts we offer, we have developed an interactive map of MassBike member benefits statewide. Look around and see if there is a bike shop or coffee place near you that offers a discount. You're already saving a chunk of change if you go by bike - why not save a little more for being a MassBike member? You can also check out this link to view the list of new member benefits (and access the interactive map).

Along with all the new discounts, these businesses are now also featured in a new iPhone app called GreenStack. This app allows you to combine (or stack) your member discounts to get the maximum discount at your favorite local businesses.

We are always looking for new member benefits; if you have a business interested in offering our members a discount, contact

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