Catherine Wood

  • I drive to work every day from Stoneham. EVERY, and I mean EVERY stinking day I cross over the Mass Ave bridge and EVERY single day cyclists weave into traffic. They hold out their left arm while cutting in front off a car going 35 miles an hour with impunity, often and usually crossing over two lanes of traffic and taking a left on Marlborough Street. I drive every day to work praying that I don’t kill some moronic ass who thinks his 20 pound bike will protect him from my 2000 pound car. They are freaking insane fools and their dangerous behavior and naivet√© will ruin my life. They need to FOLLOW THE LAWS OF THE ROAD!!!!! Am I correct in assuming that motorbikes or Mopeds are not allowed on highways or roads where they cannot keep up with the speed limit? Why are bicycles allowed on these same roads?