Only completed applications meeting the following criteria will be considered:

  • They are 18+ years old living and/or working in the City of Worcester. 
  • Have health insurance (this is to avoid liability concerns; all MA residents must have health insurance).
  • To give priority preference to low-income qualified individuals, applications with $80K+ income will not be considered. Applications with annual income $50K-80K (with participation in government assistance programs) have been considered, along with $20K-$50K and $20K or less. 
  • For safety reasons, applicants who have never bicycled will not be considered. 
  • For security reasons, applicants who do not know where they would store their bike will not be considered. 

Eligible applicants will be divided according to bike option (cargo and single rider) in age ranges: 18-25, 26-39, 40-54, 55+. Each age group will be divided into Caucasian and Other ethic/race group Gender will be balanced across the board (Female, 48%, Male 48% and Self-Described, 4%)

Applications will be scored regarding storage, bike experience in Worcester and transportation options

100 applications with higher scores will then be chosen by Excel simple random number feature, in which a predetermined number of applicants from each age and diversity group will be selected according to the number of bikes assigned for that group. Approximately 50% of each number will be comprised of diversity candidates. A predetermined number of alternates will be ready for each age group if any of the participants op out or are determined not to be a fit for the program.  

Applicants will then be interviewed by phone by MassBike staff members to ensure they fully understand the commitment they are making to the 18-month study. If any applicants opt out, are determined not to be a strong fit, or do not comply with documentation requirements (please see * below), we will then interview those on the alternate list. 

The phone interview will allow us to identify disabled and veteran applicants and consequently accommodations that will have to be provided. 

*People who are currently working will be required to provide their most-recent paystub.  Applicants who are not employed will be required to provide the following:

Proof of any of the government assistance programs such as: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP/Food Stamps), Medicaid/MassHealth, Section 8, Public Housing and/or other. A Zero Income Affidavit will also be accepted, if needed.

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