IMG_0224_-_Lesli_Cohen.jpgTo ensure that we are able to support all 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts, we have enlisted the help of our Chapters. These grassroots groups of dedicated volunteers are our eyes and ears at town meetings, they host regional events, and they help to keep our efforts rolling with new ideas and energy. They support our MassBike HQ staff by representing MassBike and the interests of our members across the state.

Cultivating local interest and support is crucial to our initiatives as we work towards a better bicycling environment. With the help from our regional Chapters, MassBike helps to identify stakeholders and potential project champions, advises on communications strategy, and assists with organizing public forums and presentations. MassBike and our Chapters also provide bikeability assessment services, a simple and effective way for local cyclists to advocate for better conditions in their community.

Visit our Chapter pages to learn more about each region and how to get involved.


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