Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition

The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (MassBike) promotes a bicycle-friendly environment and encourages bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation.

MassBike’s Vision for the Future
Bicycling in Massachusetts is a safe, respected, convenient, and enjoyable way to get around. Roads throughout the state are safe and welcoming for cyclists, and all users interact in a courteous and legal manner. Car-free pathways connect our communities, bicycles are fully integrated into our public transportation system, and secure bike parking is located where people need it. People of all kinds and means choose to bicycle for life, work, and play.

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    Help Support E-Bikes in Transportation Bond Bill

    ** 7/17/20 UPDATE: The e-bike and micromobility amendment 163 passed with a voice vote in the Senate to be included in their version of the transportation bond bill! Thanks to all the supporters and constituents who contacted their Senators to ask them to support defining e-bikes in Massachusetts. **

    We need your help! This Thursday, July 16th the MA Senate will debate and vote on the transportation bond bill, which includes a specific amendment filed by Senator Sal DiDomenico to classify electric bicycles.

    This amendment defines e-bikes to make them distinct from mopeds, so they can be regulated similar to bicycles. We need your help to ask your Senator to vote "YES" on Amendment Number 163. The vote is taking place this Thursday, July 16 so please take a minute to help TODAY!

    This is our chance to ensure e-bikes are legalized throughout Massachusetts. Please contact your Senator before this Thursday.

    For more information about MassBike advocacy related to defining electric bicycles, please see our page here.


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    Bicycle Commuter Act added to House Federal Transportation Bill

    MA Representatives Support Bicycling in the Federal Transportation Bill

    Our representatives in Washington have been busy working to make sure bicycling concerns are included in the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee approved the INVEST for America Act. MassBike has been working with our advocacy partners and our friends in Washington to make sure Congress authorizes transportation dollars that don't leave out folks on two-wheels. The bill is likely to be voted in the House within a week, so stay tuned for action alerts to reach out to your congresspeople!

    Big THANKS to Congresswoman Pressley (MA-7) for co-sponsoring the Bicycle Commuter Act and to Representative Neal (MA-1) for clearing its way through the Ways and Means Committee to have bicycle benefits included in the House Infrastructure Bill. With a little nudge from MassBike and our partners at the League of American Bicyclists, LivableStreets Alliance, Boston Cyclists Union, and Lyft (which is the operator of Bluebikes bike sharing system owned by the municipalities around Greater Boston), they were able to help shepherd the commuter benefit back into our transportation bill after it was suspended under the 2017 tax cuts.

    Additionally, Representative Lynch (MA-8) led the inclusion of a National Road Safety Assessment that focuses on bicyclists and pedestrians by requiring the Federal Highway Administration’s district offices to identify and catalog roads and intersections that are unsafe for bicycling and walking. This will create an important tool for state and local governments--and for advocates--to identify priorities to target our advocacy where it's most needed.

    We're proud to say bicyclists in Massachusetts are well represented in Washington, but we're still keeping a keen eye on this crucial legislation, and we'll be sure to reach out when we need help asking for support from our elected officials as this bill makes it way through the House of Representatives and onto the Senate!



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