New Stickers!

MassBike is busy every day working hard to make sure bicycling is better for everyone in Massachusetts, but sometimes we take a break to have a bit of fun. Which is why we are happy to announce our new stickers! These fine yellow beauties are the perfect adornment to any bicycle, and let the world know that you support MassBike.

You are probably asking yourself "Self, how can I get one of these sweet stickers!" Well tell yourself to relax because it is super easy. The best way to get one of these fine bike stickers is to become a member of MassBike! We will be sending them out with all membership packets from now on (new members, and renewals).

If want one, but don't want to wait, send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

171 milk street, suite 33
Boston, MA 02109

We can send you one or both stickers, so let us know what you want. If you want more than a handful contact us.

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