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  • Juan Mandelbaum
  • Juan Mandelbaum
    Please please please do a USE LIGHTS campaign!! Last night in Brookline I saw four bikes without lights in a five block stretch of dark streets. Every night I see several bikers without lights. This is an unacceptable risk for bikers and drivers.
  • Daniel Beck
    I had an appointment today at Longwood medical area and was amazed to find every bike rack filled. Is there a group or agency that working on bike parking in this area? Its an area that is so congested to begin with I would hope the various institutions would have some interest in expanding bike parking.
  • Bridget Basilico
    I would like to suggest a public campaign – SAME ROADSAME RULES. As a pedestrian in Boston numerous times i have to dodge cyclists who are going through red lights and against a pedestrian walk signal. I have nothing against sharing the road with bikes but I do want to them to obey the traffic signals. Thank you.
  • Brian C

    I have a bit of an odd question that I am hoping someone can help out with. I am a civil engineer designer, who has been asked to specify a bike rack at an elementary school in Concord, MA. I am wondering if MassBike provides any guidance on preferred bike rack types/manufacturers. I know that City of Boston prefers the ‘hitch’ type, and accepts the ‘U’ and ‘ARc’ types, but wondering if there is any prevailing ‘best practices’ when selecting bike rack type. Installing with enough clearance is definitely something we are making sure of in the design.

    Thank you!
  • Everett Briggs
    Ride of Silence – Cambridge Common, 15 May 2019, 5:30 PM
  • Hal Tarr
    Is there a paper bicycle map of the Boston area? If so, how can I get one?
  • David Chesler
    Please note my change of address from Milford CT to 52 Interlaken Rd, Stamford CT 06903-5025.
  • Luis Fernandez
    Hi There,

    I’m a staff member at the somerville bike kitchen. We were present outside next to the MassBike – bike valet this past Sunday, April 28 at Aeronaut during the bike month kick-off.

    I noticed that you were using some really great racks for the bike valet. We’re having an event on May 18th in SOmerville (SBK 1st annual BBQ and bike pageant) and was wondering if there’s any chance we could borrow or rent those bike racks for the event?

    Details for our event are below, any chance you can publish this event in your calendar?


  • Seanan Byrnes
    I am both an avid mountain biker & drive tractor trailer in the city. Expansion of bike lanes will not increase safety. The main thing that will increase safety is cyclists themselves. I watch riders buzz down Mass Ave, earbuds in, seemingly no regard for the environment for which they’re riding in. I used to hammer my bike around town like I was Kevin Bacon in quicksilver, not anymore. It’s the rail trails for me. If you want to increase rider safety you should look at educating riders to create a 360 circle of awareness while riding. As a truck driver, driver trainer & biker I’d be more than happy to share my knowledge about how to keep riders safer & hopefully save lives.
  • Michael Kranish
    Hello, can you post on your calendar listing for three book talks in Massachusetts on May 7 (Worcester) and May 8 and 9 (Boston) about cyclist Major Taylor. “The World’s Fastest Man: The Extraordinary Life of Cyclist Major Taylor, America’s First Black Sports Hero.” I can send you details. Info here:
  • Andrew West
    We wanted MassBike to know that there will be a bike festival in Concord on May 18, “Concord Bike Fest”. There will be rides (for kids and adults), a bike rodeo, booths from local shops, food, etc. There is also a night ride the night before for adults. We would love MassBike to have a booth if they are interested but also want to spread the word. More info can be found at:
  • Susan Barrett
    We have a list events for what we call Bike Walk N’ Bus Week May 11-May 19. You can find them at Our signature event is the annual Commuter Breakfast along the Minuteman Bikeway at Lexington Depot. That is Friday, May 17 from 6:30AM-9:30AM. All details in the link. Please feel free to share.
  • Sean Kavanagh
  • Sean Kavanagh
    Is there any initiative to add a pedestrian/bike path on the Tobin Bridge during the upcoming repairs? It would seem like a very good idea (also relatively simple) and provide benefits from basic transportation to a new tourist attraction. Major bridges in other cities, Golden Gate and Brooklyn, have this. Why not Boston?
  • Marc Weiss
    Cancel my membership. Stop all email. I no longer live in Massachusetts!!
  • Assabet River Bicycles
    There is no action available for the “do you like this page?” that appears at the bottom of many of the MassBike pages. Also, Assabet River Bicycle in Hudson MA is hosting a event that is a fund raiser for Mass bike on March 21st. I can find no mention of that any where on your website. Do you not promote your own fundraisers?