MassBike Hosted Webinars

We've packed a lot of information into hour-long lunch + learn webinars to keep you informed, engaged, and encouraged to ride your bikes! See below for a current list of upcoming events and links to RSVP. And for past events hosted with presentations linked on our YouTube channel.


Thursday, June 4 @ 12p: ABCs of Bike Maintenance w/ Dedham Public Library

Thursday, June 4 @ 7p: ABCs of Bike Maintenance w/ Hamilton-Wenham Library

We all know that bicycling is a great way to get around town, keep fit, and reduce your carbon footprint. And especially during this time of quarantine, going on a bike ride is a great way to keep yourself sane by clearing your head (while keeping distance from others). But, along with your sanity, you've also got to maintain your bike if you want your ride to go as planned... so we're here to help you know what to check so you're ready to roll. Please join us for an evening virtual workshop to cover how to maintain your bike to keep you riding safe and smooth. We'll go through the basics in an hour-long presentation to cover how to diagnose your bike's ABCs (Air, Brakes, and Chain). You'll come away with bit of home-mechanic know-how, so you can check the condition of your bike, and also fix your bike when things start to go awry.

We have TWO events on the same day, hosted by the Dedham Public Library at noon, and the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library at 7pm, both are free and open to the public and is for everyone! 12noon session RSVP HERE // 7pm session RVSP HERE

Past Webinars:

From DC to Your Bloc: How National, Regional, and State Advocacy Groups Build a Bicycle Movement

Do you wonder how national, state, and local groups build a bicycle movement that reaches from your hometown bike lane all the way up to the halls of power in Washington, DC? Join us for a discussion with a collection of policy wonks from statewide, regional, and national advocacy organizations. We'll host Ken McLeod from the League of American Bicyclists, Andrew Dupuy from the Rails to Trails Conservancy, and Kristine Keeney from the East Coast Greenway Alliance to detail some of the work in Washington, on Beacon Hill, and regionally that goes into our paths and trails. We discuss federal and state policies that go into our transportation funding, outline regional coordination that'd building out in a network of rail-trails throughout New England, and remember how each frustrating local battle helps move the needle for all of us. See here for the slides from the presentation.


Bikepacking the Bay Circuit Trail

Feeling cooped up during the stay at home order? We've got a cure: Take a trip out in the woods by bike! We hosted a lunch + learn conversation about bike packing around Massachusetts, featuring adventurous bike packers who traversed the Bay Circuit Trail, a 230-mi trek through 37 cities and towns that loop the outskirts of Greater Boston! We featured stories from Jamie Lent who rode the entire trail in 2019, some awesome photos, and a Q&A. We also hosted a short "How to Go on a Bike Overnight" presentation from Adventure Cycling Association to detail some basic bike travel skills. See the whole presentation video of the webinar on our YouTube channel. And check out the slides from the presentation here.

Know Your Bike Laws w/ Bike Safe Boston

What should you do if you're right hooked by a driver when riding? Do you have to stay to the far right in the vehicle travel lane when riding? What if someone opens a car door and steps out and you bike into them? Can cops really take a kid's bicycle if they're not wearing a helmet?... We've heard a lot of questions about how to interpret the laws pertaining to bicyclists and bicycling in Massachusetts, and we gotta admit it's a bit confusing when you dig into the Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 85, Section 11B. To help us understand some of the nuances, we've invited bike lawyer Josh Zisson from Bike Safe Boston to host a discussion of the rights and responsibilities of all road users out there. For this hour-long event, we covered the laws, what can happen if you break them, and what you should know if you're ever in a crash. See the whole presentation on our YouTube channel.


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