Lobby Congress (Virtually) Tomorrow! $$$ For Biking At Stake!

Thursday, March 11th, is our virtual lobby day - don't forget to call Congress!

We are at the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC. Maybe you've been following us at the Summit on Twitter.

Last week, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced a groundbreaking new bill to support bicycling and walking: the Active Community Transportation Act (H.R.4722) creates a competitive grant program with $2 Billion to help communities build bicycling and walking networks. For the first time, communities would be able to compete for multi-year funding to build active transportation systems, just as they do for transit and road infrastructure. And one of the seven original sponsors of the bill is Massachusetts' own Representative Michael Capuano (D-MA)!

This new bill gives you the opportunity to do more than just hear about what we're doing at the Summit - you get to participate in a critically important way. On Thursday, March 11th, while we are visiting Congress in person, we need you to call your own Congressperson and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 4722, the Active Community Transportation Act, introduced by Congressman Blumenauer. When you call, you can use these talking points:

  • Bicycling and walking are part of the solution. Half of all trips in the United States are three miles or less, yet the majority of these short trips are made by car. Shifting more of these short trips to biking and walking would not only reduce congestion, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and our dependence on oil, but will also improve physical activity, safety, and livability.

  • Investing in bicycling and walking infrastructure works. Commuting by bicycle has increased 43 percent since 2000 - and by 69 percent in designated Bicycle Friendly Communities that have invested in infrastructure improvements.

  • Please co-sponsor the Active Community Transportation Act (H.R.4722). Or, if Mike Capuano is your Representative, just say "thanks" for sponsoring the bill.

Here are the phone numbers for all the Massachusetts Congresspeople:

District Rep Name Office Number
1 Rep. Olver, John [D] 202-225-5335
2 Rep. Neal, Richard [D] 202-225-5601
3 Rep. McGovern, James [D] 202-225-6101
4 Rep. Frank, Barney [D] 202-225-5931
5 Rep. Tsongas, Niki [D] 202-225-3411
6 Rep. Tierney, John [D] 202-225-8020
7 Rep. Markey, Edward [D] 202-225-2836
8 Rep. Capuano, Michael [D] 202-225-5111
9 Rep. Lynch, Stephen [D] 202-225-8273
10 Rep. Delahunt, William [D] 202-225-3111

Don't who your Congressperson is? Click here and enter your address to find out.

Please don't forget to call tomorrow, Thursday, March 11th, to be part of the National Bike Summit Lobby Day.

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