MassBike Helps To Bring Bicycling To Arlington Schools

Edit: Hey we made the globe, good to see so many others that support cycling to school.

Last year, a group of Arlington parents, with MassBike's assistance, successfully campaigned the Arlington School Committee and the principal of the Hardy Elementary School to start a pilot bike-to-school program at the school. (Elementary schools in Arlington do not generally allow children to ride bikes to school. The Hardy School, chosen for the pilot, is less than one block from the Minuteman Bikeway.)

School officials, despite safety concerns and skepticism that the program would work, agreed to the pilot, although kids were not permitted to park their bikes on schools grounds. MassBike provided bike safety training to the entire 4th and 5th grades (courtesy of MassDOT's Safe Routes to School Program), and the parents organized a series of activities to encourage parents to bike to school with their kids. The pilot was a success, more kids biked to school and there were no safety problems.

Fast forward a year, and skepticism has been replaced with enthusiasm. The principal of the Hardy School is excited to continue the program. And she has asked for help getting bike racks for the school, not just for the kids but for staff too! Perhaps more importantly, she is telling the other principals and school officials about the success of the program at Hardy! MassBike looks forward to working with the rest of the schools in Arlington to bring the joys of cycling to students throughout the town.

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