And The Survey Says...

Thanks to everyone who filled out our 2012 General Survey! We got 220 respondents (not too bad, but of course we always want more), and 25 of them won vintage 30th Anniversary t-shirts for their time. It was split almost evenly between dues-paying MassBike members and others in the greater MassBike community. There was a lot of valuable information that I've been digesting, and some of the results are in! See below for the highlights:


  • The average age of survey-takers was 46, with a range of 17 to 75 years old.

  • There was also a good gender mix, with 132 male, 82 female, and two genderqueer/transgender respondents.

  • You're a well-educated bunch! A little over three-quarters of the survey-takers had a post-secondary degree, and nearly 13% reported having a Ph.D.

MassBike Activities

  • On average, both members and non-members thought that all of the work we are doing is important (scored greater than 5 on a scale of 1 - 10).

  • MassBike members and non-members alike thought our work on statewide policies and with the state legislature was most important.

  • State policy and legislation were followed closely with our work on motorist education and specific infrastructure projects in terms of importance.

Finally, it was really heartening to read the comments at the end. They were all supportive, a few with constructive criticisms (which we noted), and made our day a little brighter. A handful of them were:

  • I appreciate your great work advocating for, and obtaining, improved cycling conditions in MA. - Attleboro

  • Keep up the good work! - Beverly

  • Workshops are great but playing a role in legislation is the best thing you can do. When bicycling is written into the law then there is no avoiding it! - Cambridge

  • Make sure there are ways for the members outside the Boston area to volunteer, be an Advocate, be involved. I'm always sad I can't help out stuffing envelopes or whatever other little tasks there are from Northampton. - Northampton

  • I really appreciate what you guys do! I think biking is important and educating cyclists and motorists is the most effective way to get it more accepted. You rock. - Somerville

  • Good job, MassBike! - Natick

  • I've been a member since the 80s and am delighted to see that the organization has grown so much and that biking is much more mainstream than it used to be! - Arlington

So thanks again for everyone who filled out our survey. You've established an important baseline to compare against for future surveys, and given a lot of valuable input for us as we craft priorities for the future. As always, we couldn't do it without you!

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