Northampton, Boston Bike Classes Coming Up

The bicycle education season has come back full force! We have two trainings that are coming up, one this weekend and then a second one the next. Read below for the details, and if you are interested in registering, please email [email protected] or call (617) 542-2453. Both classes are free and open to the public.

Basics of Better Biking - Seaport District

The Basics of Better Biking class is designed for adults who want to get back into bicycling, improve cycling skills, learn to ride more effectively and safely in traffic, and/or participate in a large-scale benefit ride. This four-hour weekend session provides guided instruction with simple practice drills in a parking lot, easy-paced riding on local roadways for short distances, and group-discussion breaks along the way. Topics covered include bike and helmet fitting, starting and stopping your bike in traffic, shifting gears, scanning and yielding, choosing the correct lane position in the road, handling intersections, and more.

This class takes place Saturday, June 23 from 1 - 5, and meets at South Station.

Some notes about the class:

  • A bicycle in good working order and a helmet are required.

  • Preregistration is required.

  • This class is intended for participants 18 and older. For minors wishing to take the class, please contact [email protected]

  • Sometimes we have to cancel a class due to low registration. We will let you know no less than three days in advance if the class is canceled.

This class, sponsored by the Boston Collaborative for Food and Fitness, is free and open to the public.

Bikeable Communities Training, Part 1 - Northampton

We are excited to announce our first Bikeable Communities Training! The focus of this training is to work with community members to improve infrastructure and policies which support biking as a means of recreation and transportation.

The first training is in Northampton, on June 30th from 1-4pm at the Forbes Library.

Our first training will focus on effective citizen engagement, with case studies from signature undertakings from around the state. This training will have an emphasis on:

  • How the decision-making process works for local projects and policies, and the interaction between local, state, and federal entities when making those decisions.

  • An overview of how projects are funded, and explanations of how the public is involved in the various stages of those funding decisions.

  • Building alliances with citizens and organizations sharing complementary goals or missions, and maintaining momentum behind efforts that can sometimes take years.

  • Best practices when engaging public officials, including methods of communication, preparing for meetings, messaging.

This class, sponsored by Mass in Motion, is free and open to the public. To register, email [email protected].

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