2 Mile Challenge Update - Only 9 Days Left!

For the past 22 days riders all across the country have been logging into 2milechallenge.com and recording their bike trips in support of MassBike. Each trip logged during August equals a dollar for MassBike up to $10,000. So far we have been really cruising, averaging 304 trips a day and logging a total of 6,783 trips! That is the equivalent of pulling 5 cars of the road for a year!  We are really pleased with the progress we have made so far but  in order to reach our 10k trip goal we need to keep riding and logging trips.  So get out there, go for a ride, and when you get home record it at 2milechallenge.com

Thank you to everyone who has been recording trips for MassBike and if you haven't started but need some help logging on we have created some step by step instructions just for you.

Happy Riding Everyone!

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