Another Tragedy Saddens, Strengthens Our Resolve

We are saddened and troubled by yesterday's death of Christopher Weigl, the BU graduate student killed in a collision with a tractor trailer. Our thoughts are with his family and friends, and the wider community of cyclists. This tragedy, only weeks after another BU student was killed by an MBTA bus, calls for us to redouble our efforts to prevent such needless losses. We do not yet know exactly what happened, or what might have prevented it, but we do know that we need better infrastructure and more safety education for all roadway users. Conscious of the risks posed to bicyclists by large vehicles, MassBike has been working with MBTA bus drivers, and urging MassDOT to adapt the new bus driver training for the Regional Transportation Authorities statewide, and for the RMV's Commercial Drivers License program for all truck drivers. For now, please be particularly cautious when riding near trucks or buses, and especially avoiding passing to the right of big vehicles.

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