Tweet Congress To Support Bicyclist Safety

You might have heard that Washington DC offices are closed on account of snow. This isn't great timing for us, since today was supposed to be our day on Capitol Hill for the National Bike Summit. However, the League of American Bicyclists is asking for bicyclists nationwide to tweet their members of Congress to make sure they get our message.

The biggest ask for Congress this year is to support USDOT establishing a safety goal for bicyclists. It might sound unbelievable, but right now there is no goal for reducing bicyclist fatalities. The League wants to a 50% reduction by 2020 - we can do it, but first we need to formally establish the goal.

The League is also pushing the Senate to confirm Sally Jewell as Secretary of the Interior. Jewell is the President and CEO of REI, in addition to being an active conservationist. She was awarded the National Audubon Society's Rachel Carson Award in 2009 for her work. With places like the Minuteman National Park and the Cape Cod Seashore under the Department of the Interior's supervision, having a leader who gets it is important to the Bay State.

Here is what we are asking you to do:

  1. Tweet your Representative and Senators (you can find their Twitter handles below).

  2. For your Representative, write: "[@RepresentativeX] Pls sign the letter to set bike safety goals #nbs13 #MassBike"

  3. For your Senator, write: "[@SenatorX] Pls support the confirmation of Sally Jewell for Sec of Interior #nbs13 #MassBike"

Twitter Handles:

  • District 1, Richard Neal - @RepRichardNeal

  • District 2, Jim McGovern - @RepMcGovern

  • District 3, Niki Tsongas - @Nikiinthehouse

  • District 4, Joseph Kennedy - @RepJoeKennedy

  • District 5, Ed Markey - @Markeymemo

  • District 6, John Tierney- @RepTierney

  • District 7, Mike Capuano - Not on Twitter

  • District 8, Stephen Lynch - @RepStephenLynch

  • District 9, Bill Keating - @USRepKeating

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren - @SenWarren

  • Senator Mo Cowan - @SenMoCowan

Don't use the Twitter? Then do it the old-fashioned way - by email! Email your Representative and Senators asking them to support Sally Jewell for Secretary of the Interior, and that they sign the petition to create bicyclist safety goals (found here). Be sure to CC [email protected]. Thanks!

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