Self-Powered Commuting

[caption id="attachment_23680" align="alignright" width="332"] Morning Commute By Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious licensed under Creative Commons[/caption]

MassBike is honored to be chosen as a recipient for Google's Self-Powered Commuting program through Global Giving.

Google's Self-Powered Commuting program encourages employees to bike, walk, or use other non-motorized methods of arriving at work. Throughout the campaign, Google employees logged their self-powered miles. Now, at the program wrap up, they have been rewarded for their participation with gift cards for Global Giving and directed to the page that highlights five organizations throughout the country that supports bicyclists. The employees then use these gift cards to donate to their favorite charity. By choosing MassBike for this program, Google doubles the impact of their self-powered commuters. We are in the excellent company of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Bike Pittsburgh, and Transportation Alternatives (located in New York City).

Angela Wu, who worked with Google on this project in her role in business development at Global Giving, said "It's encouraging to see how passionate these Googlers are about programs close to their heart."

Google self-powered commuters and others who donate through Global Giving to MassBike will be helping us make Massachusetts an even more enjoyable place to ride a bike. We are so pleased that Google has recognized our hard work and the importance of getting more bicyclists on the road - in Massachusetts and across the nation!

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