Ride on Fenway

All right, get this. Tomorrow, we celebrate heading to Fenway Park by bike with RIdeOnFenway.

But this isn't just any old ride to the ball park.

Conceived by legendary cyclist Tim Johnson with the support of Red Bull , this ride is an informal ride to engage the community of Rhode Island and connect them via bicycle to the major league Red Sox in Boston, starting at minor league team's home. We'll showcase the creative ways that bicycles can be woven into every day recreation and regional travel in Massachusetts (and New England), some of which is the result of MassBike's work.

Riders will depart Boston via the commuter rail in the morning, meeting up at at Providence City Hall starting at 11:30. The ride departs at 12 noon. We will ride to McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, arriving at 12:30. After picking up a baseball there, we will then head north at speed, departing at 12:50 p.m. to deliver it to Fenway Park for tomorrow evening's game.

We expect to arrive at the Blue Hills Road overflow lot at 4 p.m. (using the proposed Park and Pedal location on Route 138 in the Blue Hills Reservation), just north of Royall Avenue in Milton.

From there we will roll north to Fenway Park arriving at 5:30 p.m. at D Gate, at the MassBike valet service.

The long ride is free and open to participants capable of holding the pace of 20 mph. The beginning and finishing stretches of about six miles on each end are open to the general public regardless of their cycling ability.

We'll be talking about many things along the way...including roll on MBTA access, improving conditions from RI to the South Shore and on up to Boston, the new Park and Pedal program, urban cycling and commuters, and more. Be sure to tune in.

#RIdeOnFenway 9.9.15


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