I Am An Architecture Marketing Coordinator, And I Ride

Here's another wonderful story from our And I Ride campaign! We are seeking to put a face on cycling in support of a legislative campaign that we are working on this year. You can read the rest of these great bicyclist bios here.

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Our next story comes from Alyson.

Where I Ride: To work, to after-work meetings, to swim practice, into Concord/Carlisle and other suburbs on longer sojourns, and in the
summer, to Walden Pond and Provincetown.

How Often I Ride: Almost every day, year-round.

My Story:

I started cycling when I moved to Arlington in 2007, riding on 22 degree weekends with the warm company of the Quad Cycles bike shop rides. In 2008, I bought a commuter bike and started riding from Arlington to work in Davis Square on the Minuteman path every day. Since then, I have moved to Cambridge and still bike everywhere I go almost every day. It's simply the fastest* and most enjoyable way to get around Boston (*even with all traffic laws obeyed). Greater Boston has a most welcoming and active cycling community. It has been a joy getting to know people on the road and hearing about advocacy initiatives to improve roads making them more livable for all users. One of my favorite events has been the Boston Tweed Ride.

This summer I will be biking across the country from Virginia to Oregon to benefit affordable housing and build houses with an organization called Bike & Build. I have come to find that cycling is advocacy in and of itself: albeit the most efficient form of transportation, it is the way less-travelled and thereby highly visible. For Bike & Build, it is a sign of the lengths that we will go to effect change. After my cross-country journey, I intend to move to graduate school in urban planning where I can learn more about developing healthier communities through alternative transportation.

Thanks Alyson! If you want to learn more about "Bike & Build" and what they are doing, click Here. You can also follow Alyson on her trip and read more about her Here

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