I Am A Retired Professor, And I Ride

Here's a great story from our And I Ride campaign! We are seeking to put a face on cycling in support of a legislative campaign that we are working on this year. You can read the rest of these great bicyclist bios here.

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Our next story comes from Bert.

Photo shows me a few years ago in Brookline, MA, with the Breezer bike that I won in an online Massbike raffle, to my complete surprise. A great city bike.
Where I Ride: Boston area, New Hampshire, France
How Often I Ride: Every day

My Story:
I started biking in New York City some 60 years ago, mainly commuting to City College in Manhattan. For more than 50 years now, I’ve been commuting by bike first from Cambridge to Northeastern and then from Brookline--a beautiful ride along the Muddy River and through the Fenway. I also bike a lot near Marseille, France, where I’ve been working and living part of each year for the past 30 years. There, I do most of my errands by bike and do also a lot of recreational biking on the steep hills in this area by the sea. At 79, I’m still able to make it up these hills mainly, I firmly believe, because I’ve stayed in shape by biking practically all my life.

My son commutes half the year to his job in Montpelier, VT, and his whole family does a great deal of mountain biking. My daughter and her family all commute to school and work in Bern, Switzerland. Only my wife does not bike.

Thanks Bert!

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