MassBike Launches 2010 Summer Appeal

As you have probably noticed, bicycling is a top issue in Massachusetts this year. The news media runs articles about bicycling seemingly every day, politicians and officials have voiced their support, and, most importantly, more bicyclists are on our roads and paths than ever before.

For over 30 years, MassBike has been the leading advocate for bicyclists in our state. Right now, with so much attention focused on bicycling, we have an opportunity to make Massachusetts one of the greatest states in the nation for riding and commuting by bike. We need your help to make it happen!

Across Massachusetts, there are possibilities to make our roads safer and bring more bicycle infrastructure to our streets, but without a voice speaking up for bicyclists those chances may be squandered. MassBike has been and continues to be that voice. We're asking you to support bicycling at this critical time by contributing to MassBike.

MassBike has been leading efforts to make sure that the unprecedented level of support for bicycling is not ignored.

MassBike is leading the fight against a recent Massachusetts Department of Transportation directive watering-down its commitment to include bicycle infrastructure in road designs. To make sure that useful and safe facilities are included in future designs, MassBike and other advocates are encouraging MassDOT to adopt a new directive that will make sure that bicyclists are a priority in design and will encourage designs that go beyond the minimum standards to include as much bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure as possible.

MassBike has also been working to make sure that the $3 billion allocated for the Accelerated Bridge Program, aimed at making improvements to hundreds of bridges across the state, includes improved access for bicyclists. We want to make sure bicyclists are safe and comfortable riding across bridges, getting to and from bridges, and during construction too.

And across the state, money that could be used to improve our roads and paths for bicycling has been redirected for other purposes. MassBike has been leading the call to make sure that Massachusetts brings home money for our roads. From Congress to the State House, we have been representing riders across the state, speaking to legislators and making sure that government officials make bicycling a priority.

We need your support today to make these initiatives succeed. By donating to MassBike today, you ensure that a voice continues to speak out for bicyclists during this critical time.

Your past support has helped us achieve many victories. With the help of our members and supporters, we have been making a difference. Here are just a few recent MassBike accomplishments:

  • Led the campaign for the passage of the Bicyclist Safety Act, which made 13 important changes to law, making Massachusetts a safer place to bicycle.

  • Launched our new safety campaign, Same Road, Same Rules, in partnership with four state agencies, designed to educate both motorists and bicyclists about the rules of the road, bicyclists’ rights, and how to safely interact.

  • Led the first fully statewide Bay State Bike Week, with over 100 events across Massachusetts and thousands of bicyclists participating.

  • Worked with the T and other groups to get bike cages installed at Forest Hills Station and South Station in Boston, and convinced the Pioneer Valley Transit Agency to install bike racks on all its busses, through MassBike’s Pioneer Valley Chapter.

But threats to bicycling in our state are real. Opponents are organized and state officials forget that bicyclists are an important part of our roads.

Your support allows MassBike to answer these challenges. Click here to make a contribution now

We can make Massachusetts an even better place for bicycling. Thank you for your support, and safe riding!

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