MassBike Spin Series Presents: Boston Tweed Ride

The tweed ride was a rousing success, many finely dressed Lords and Ladies showed up for a day or riding, tea sipping, games and prizes. Many a "ello govnah" and "Huzzah!" were uttered as we made our way about town in our finery, see some pictures below for a good idea of the fun times had. (more pictures here, and here)

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The MassBike spins series are rides organized by other orginizations but presented through MassBike. This allows MassBike (we are small but feisty) to present all these great rides, and other orginizations to get the publicity (on our website, and our email list). It also allows the rides to get liability insurance free of charge. To include your ride in our spins series you have to do a couple of things. You have to call your ride "MassBike Spins Series Presents: Name of your ride here." The people in the ride have to wear helmets. You have to give a short pitch for MassBike at the start of the ride. The ride must not cost money, and finally you have to have participants sign a waiver (we provide this to you). If you have a ride you want to put into the series contact us. We also have charity ride partnerships for rides that do cost money. If you run a fundraising ride that you would like us to promote we can do that as well. again contact us for details.