I Am A Medical Research Assistant, And I Ride

Here's another great story from our And I Ride campaign! We are seeking to put a face on cycling in support of a legislative campaign that we are working on this year. You can read the rest of these great bicyclist bios here.

We are still accepting entries, so be sure to read below to find out how to send in your story.

Our next story comes from Evan.

Where I Ride: Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline, Longwood/Mission Hill,South End, Jamaica Plain, Allston
How Often I Ride: I ride every day, rain/shine/snowfest/100 degrees/1 degree/whatever.

My Story:
I spent a couple years in Boston taking the T and walking everywhere, and
thought that was fine. Sometimes it was really cold, or really hot, or
really crowded, or i had to wait a long time but it got me there. Then i
brought my old bike up from my parents' house and started cycling once and a
while instead. I'd ridden a bunch when i was younger- mostly mountain biking
and BMX (and i was bad at both), and urban cycling was completely new to me.
It was nerve-wracking. But it didn't take me long to get used to it, and it
was only a few more months before i canceled my monthly T pass and never
looked back. I got hooked on the freedom of movement, the exercise, the fun
and camaraderie, and by experiencing the city in a completely new way.

My bikes have become a huge and very natural part of my life. I ride to
work, to rugby practice, to play softball, to band practice, to the store,
to restaurants and bars. I go on random rides just for fun. Just about
everything i do involves riding my bike. People think i'm nuts for turning
down a ride because i'd rather bike it, but they think twice when i beat
them to wherever we're going. I can't imagine life without riding my bike!

Thanks Evan!

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