Bicycle Access During Craigie Drawbridge Replacement

The Craigie Drawbridge (one of the two bridges in front of the Museum of Science in Boston) is about to be replaced by MassDOT. Work will begin on November 6th and continue into April 2011. The entire drawbridge will be replaced during this period. A temporary bridge will provide two travel lanes across the river during construction. Look here for more project details.

This is a major route between Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville for bicyclists and motorists. No inbound (Boston-bound) motor vehicle traffic will be permitted during November and again January-April 2011. Outbound (Cambridge- and Somerville-bound) travel lanes will remain open throughout the project. The good news is that two-way bicycle access will be maintained at all times, with a combination of shared travel lanes and shared sidewalk.

The outbound travel lanes will be marked as shared lanes so that motorists know to expect bicycles in the lane. Throughout the project, bicyclists may also share the sidewalks with pedestrians, but the sidewalks will be narrow (7 feet) and only one sidewalk will be open during November and January-April 2011 to serve two-way bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Bicyclists and pedestrians may be directed to cross from one side of the street to the other, but there will be a marked crosswalk with a crossing guard. As conditions dictate, bicyclists may be asked to walk their bikes across the temporary bridge.

Yes, this will be inconvenient, but MassDOT is trying hard to help by maintaining two-way access for bikes and pedestrians (but not for cars). If anyone encounters an unexpected problem or safety issue as the project progresses, please let us know so that we can work with MassDOT to address any issues.

We've actually got it pretty good this time compared to what motorists have to do.

When construction is complete, there will be bike lanes and improved sidewalks in both directions.

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