MBTA Unveils Expanded Bicycle Parking

With help from MassBike and other advocates, the MBTA has become more and more receptive to the needs of bicyclists. With new bicycle-friendly policies in place, the MBTA is increasing their bicycle facilities throughout the system. MassBike has the latest on the T's planned improvements.

From now through next Spring, the MBTA will be installing 50 BikePorts around their stations. The BikePorts are canopied bike racks, so you'll be able to lock up with some protection from the elements. The first was recently installed in Worcester:

During 2011, the T will also complete six more Pedal & Parks, the T's secure bike parking facilities. So far, the three operational Pedal & Parks (two at Alewife and one at Forest Hills) have been a huge success, and are constantly filled with bicycles. The new facilities will be located at South Station, Davis, Ashmont, Malden, Oak Grove, and Braintree. Each location will be able to hold 100-150 bicycles, so parking your bike at these stations should no longer be a problem. The MBTA is also improving the access system for the Pedal & Parks so the doors lock and unlock more reliably with your Bike CharlieCard.

Lastly, over the next 18 months, 100% of the MBTA's bus fleet will be equipped with bike racks, so you'll finally be able to rely on the next bus having a rack (and let your bike do some of the riding for a change).

We're excited to continue working with the MBTA to keep improving bicyclist access to transit.

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