You Can Make Bicycling Better In MA

While you might have put away your bike for winter, or you might be bundling up on your rides as the cold sets in, the season for bicycling advocacy never ends. Especially now, when there is more interest in bicycling than ever before and there are more opportunities to ensure that bicycling is a priority in Massachusetts.

You can help make bicycling better in MA and get a free MassBike water bottle!

That’s why we need your help. MassBike has been the voice for bicyclists in Massachusetts for over 30 years. We are a coalition made up of all types of bicyclists—commuters, recreational cyclists, mountain bikers, messengers, students, and everyone in between. And we need you to join with us and the thousands of other bicyclists who are already members to make sure that the opportunities of the moment are not missed. If you are already a member, help introduce a special bicyclist in your life to the MassBike community.

We all know the benefits of bicycling—it’s healthy, good for the environment, a cheap way to get around, and it’s fun. But to make bicycling safer and easier, and to get more bicyclists on our streets and paths, we need to make sure that bicyclists are represented where it counts.

Joining today makes you a part of the leading advocacy group making pro-bicycling changes across our state. With the help of our members, we are making a difference! Here are some of MassBike’s recent accomplishments:

  • Advocated for and won bicycle infrastructure on precedent-setting projects across the state as part of our our Building For Bicycling campaign.

  • Launched our safety campaign, Same Road, Same Rules, in partnership with MassDOT and other state agencies, designed to educate both motorists and bicyclists about the rules of the road, bicyclists’ rights, and how to safely interact.

  • Worked with the MBTA and other advocates to revamp their bus driver training, leading to a full-day training and evaluation for all bus drivers who have had incidents with bicyclists, part of which all drivers will have to take within the next 18 months.

  • Organized the first truly state-wide Bay State Bike Week in partnership with MassDOT, with thousands of participating bicyclists and over 100 events.

  • Led the campaign to pass the Bicyclist Safety Act, which made 13 important changes to the law and has made Massachusetts a safer place to bicycle.

  • Continued our education program, educating thousands of adults and schoolchildren about safe riding.

By joining or giving a gift membership to MassBike today you can be a part of creating a better bicycling environment. If you aren’t already a MassBike member, joining today will help to make our advocacy possible. If you are a MassBike member, giving a gift membership to another bike rider in your life is a great way to show that you care. And until January 1, 2011, anyone who joins or gives a gift membership of $50 or more will receive a FREE MassBike water bottle!

Join us by clicking one of the following options which will take you straight to our online store:

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Or you can call us at the MassBike office at 617-542-2453.

MassBike needs you to make bicycling in Massachusetts better. Join today and be a part of making a difference!

Don’t forget: MassBike Membership also gets you or your friend great discounts at bike shops across Massachusetts, special rates at B&Bs; and hotels around New England, discounts on environmentally-friendly car insurance (that funds efforts to reduce motorized vehicle miles traveled), special membership pricing on classes, and more. Just follow the links above to get or give a membership. Thanks for your support!

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