Bay State Bike Week Needs Your Event

The month of May brings with it many things: blossoming flowers, the mass exodus of college students, musings over how next year's hockey season is going to be (even) better.  Perhaps most importantly, though, is Bay State Bike Week, that one magical week in the middle of the month where biking is elevated as the preeminent form of transportation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It comes with the hope that, someday, biking will be so commonplace that such a week isn't even necessary.

Until that day comes, however, we need hundreds events to make Bay State Bike Week 2011 an overwhelming success!  We so far have 117 events registered, which already breaks last year's record of 110, but we need your event, too. 

No matter where you are in the Commonwealth, if you have a bike-related event going on during the month of May, you should let us know.  We will help promote it and, if you sign up to be a partner, give you t-shirts and ankle straps.  If you don't have any bike events going on, then organize one!  The only catch is that if your event is a fundraiser, the proceeds need to go to a bike-related cause.

For event registration, the events calendar, and all sorts of more information, check out the website at  Let's all work together to make Massachusetts a golden place for getting there by bike.

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