MassBike Membership Deal: Join During Bike Month And Save

The weather is beautiful, and MassBike wants cycling in Massachusetts to be just as nice. We need your support to make it happen. So, just as budding flower blossoms sweeten the air, MassBike is sweetening the incentive to become a member of the Commonwealth’s only statewide bicycling advocacy group.

During Bike Month (May) you can save $5 when you support MassBike’s advocacy efforts by becoming a member.

MassBike members get discounts at bike shops, bed & breakfasts, auto insurance, new Zipcar memberships, and on other great services. But most importantly, MassBike members help to improve bicycling for everyone in Massachusetts. They add their voice to thousands of other bicyclists already speaking out for bicycling.

MassBike works year-round to make Massachusetts a better place to bike for fun, fitness, and transportation. But we are a member-driven organization and we need you to continue growing on our past successes! When you join MassBike, your membership adds to the power behind our advocacy. When we attend town meetings, support new legislation, and visit Washington, DC on the Commonwealth’s behalf, it is your membership that says, “Massachusetts wants better and safer cycling laws and infrastructure.”

So if you ride once a year, only in the summer, or every day, we need your support to represent bicyclists. Join MassBike during Bike Month – save some green and support a better Massachusetts for all!

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